Monday, March 12

Friends in DC: Part 1

The stars aligned and a solid group of friends from high school were able to convene in DC this weekend.  Megan is spending a month doing part of her residency at the hospital across the street, Carrie lives a few hours away, Katherine was in town lobbying for farms or something and Courtney was peer pressured into coming from St. Louis.  We peer pressure with the best of them.

We spent our time a lot like you may have guessed--playing Rock Band, keeping score of who "zinged" who the most, eating lotsa queso, walking around DC and taking a lot of pictures.

Strangely, we decided that the theme of our pictures was going to be "pictures that would be appropriate for a calendar celebrating our band."  It was really funny at the time.  And it's still pretty funny.  This one is the cover of our hit album.  Can you tell who was photoshopped in?

I don't think we quite made it to 12, but here are a few favorites.

Even serious rock bands like cupcakes. (I think someone zinged me prior to this picture and I was saaaad.)

The band by the Potomac.

The band by the Capitol, signing a bill on Courtney the table.

The band putting their dominant foot forward.

I feel like this is a great serious artistic band shot, am I right?

Although this one might capture our spirit a little more accurately.

We had such a lovely time.  It's never enough.  Like I say every time, I'm beyond blessed to have such lovely friends and have had them for so long.  Like I said to Courtney and Megan, who would of thought 15 years ago when we began our crazy friendships that three of us would have Droids?  Just kidding.  I meant to say, that we would still be dear friends and would spend weekends together in fun cities.


  1. On the picture with y'alls feet you should each have the letters on the bottom of your shoes spell out the name of your band. Like that episode of I Love Lucy where she was wearing the giant head-dress and wrote "Lucy Ricardo" on the bottom of her shoes.

  2. I think the theme of your pictures my be my all-time favorite...such a fun group!

  3. When you say queso, do you mean Carlos O'Kelly's queso? I sure hope so!

  4. I'm slightly saddened by the Rockband pics. It's not clear that I'm playing the pedal. And who wouldn't be impressed with that? #pedalpusherforlife

  5. Can you email me the last picture? That one is frame worthy.


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