Wednesday, March 7

My New Favorite Picture

I'm considering changing all of my profile pictures everywhere to this gem.

Reston 10 Miler-8372.jpg

I call this, "The Face of Pain." I'm not sure my face has ever looked more like an angry 80 year old man.

Anyways, I ran the Reston 10-miler on Sunday and felt terrible.  I was really sick, it was really hilly and I was grouchy. (Can you tell?)  I complained to Sol about how slow I was and how badly I wanted to quit... and then I realized I ran 8:25 min/mile, which is pretty good for a sick girl on a hard course.  Sol asked me what I wanted to run, and we both had a good laugh when I told him I wanted to run 7:30s.  Silly Rachel.

I'm running the Rock and Roll Half Marathon next weekend (I ran it two years ago) and I'm hoping to improve on the 7:44 min/mile time I ran then... we'll see!

And thanks for all the comments on the Baby Led Weaning post--it never ceases to surprise me how different styles and ways of parenting go in and out of vogue!  It certainly feels like the lazy, second child way to feed your kid... sorry you don't get homemade purees!  You get little bits of your brother's food.  Eat up. 


  1. Ok. That picture is just plain scary. I think you know what you'll look like when you're old.

    But hey - I'm impressed that you ran when you were grouchy and sick. You're amazing.

  2. LOL LOL LOL. i love the picture. please frame it and put it atop your mantel.

  3. really? wow, you couldn't have made that picture happen if you tried. also, grant commented on the happy and seemingly relaxed man running right next to you. so funny!

  4. You did your best. Also, I'm sitting in Denver waiting to come see the REAL 80-yr-old you in a few short hours!!!!!

  5. Best. Picture. Ever. You're pretty.

  6. Do it.

    I mostly feed my child the lazy, second child way too.

  7. Love the are my hero.


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