Thursday, March 22

Fun at the National Building Museum

Victoria arrived on a Tuesday and we headed straight into the city to the National Building Museum.  It has a great play area for kids and a few fun exhibits.  We breezed through the Lego exhibit--but most of our time was spent chatting with our friend Emily on the floor of the kids' area.

Both boys were battling sinus infections and were cranky.  Braden had taken four lengthy naps a few days earlier and two three hour naps the day before.  He would cry and cry whenever I set him down--until we got to the awesome museum. I think Finley and Braden would have played all day if I let them! Braden was totally thrilled to scoot around and explore and play. (Yes, he's still in his pajamas.  It's acceptable for babies to go out in sleepwear.)

I'm always grateful for Victoria being around--because I get to be IN the pictures.  And this little standing man?  He pulled himself to standing tonight while the boys were playing together in Finley's crib!  Such a big guy!  I think Finley was more excited than I was.

Since we're talking about how great it is to be in a picture with someone you love, you should go do it!  Or at the very least, follow Vic's directions and start a blog.  You'll never regret being in the picture with the ones you love or writing about the details of your life.  Because if you don't, you'll forget.  Then you'll be sad.  Choose blogging and choose joy. And choose being dramatic. 


  1. I love the little guy's pj's! :)

    great embrace the camera!

  2. Good dramatic ending. I love Braden at work. Good idea Vic!

  3. Oh my, he is just the cutest thing! Those giant Legos are hysterical. My son is 9 and a lego nut. We have bins full of them and he makes little lego mock armies and builds structures with sliding doors, windows and secret tunnels. I really love Legos and am willing to step on them in my bare feet frequently just because my son loves them so much. Thanks for sharing your great pics. Looks like you might have a lego lover too. God bless you, Jana

  4. Your kids are adorable! (and I agree, it's definitely acceptable for babies to go out in their sleepwear! :)

    Found you through Embrace the Camera today :)



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