Tuesday, March 27

Finley's Entourage

Finley was destined to love monkeys from the moment we brought him into his sock monkey nursery.  He got lots of monkey as gifts and always has them around to play with.  Brown monkey, as he calls him, quickly became his favorite and had to go everywhere with him.  We eventually bough a second brown monkey to rotate in when the other one was dirty.

(The monkeys are currently on the "airplane" because Finley is being the "captain" and buckled each one of them in.  Safety first!  Also you can see that the second monkey is wearing his "church jacket" that my mom made for him.  It's strange.  But Finley loves it.)

Eventually "red monkey" was added to the clan.  Both of them traveled around with us. I named them Giacomo (after my favorite Boston restaurant) and Pippin (his tag said Pippy and I didn't like it), but most of the time they are referred to by their color, not their given names.  Finley soon figured there were two brown monkeys (brown monkey and other brown monkey) and all three had to be out at all times.

(Just hanging out with his monkeys.)

And then Bongo got added to the group.  He's a (valuable!) Beanie Baby I stole from my parents house.  I think the brown monkeys might be his parents?  I have a difficult time figuring out their relationships.

And the final "monkey" to be included is a little blue and white dog that Finley named "Joggy."  He refers to the group as "my monkeys."  As in... "My monkeys are sad, they need me!" or "My monkeys are napping." or "My monkeys need their daddy." and also "My monkeys need to wear their seatbelts!"

The monkeys primary activities through out the day are taking naps in the "bed" Finley made for them, sitting on the couch and flying in the airplane that Finley of which is the captain, sitting beside Finley when he eats, and sometimes one brown monkey gets to ride in the car with us.

Finley set all these pillows up in the hall and said his monkeys were "skiing."  I think that's why he's wearing goggles?  Although he calls those goggles his "boat glasses"... so clearly we are a little mixed up about outdoor activities.

Oh monkeys.  Such a sweet life you lead.  And thanks to Barbara for this awesome pillowcase that also doubles as the monkeys' favorite blanket.


  1. I giggled all the way through this post because it is SO accurate. Also, I think it is hilarious that I talked about brown monkey's church jacket on my blog today. Not planned.

  2. He is wearing his boat glasses, because the monkeys are water skiing. Obviously.

    1. That actually makes a lot of sense. You are going to be a great mom!

  3. I feel lucky to even know first-hand about brown monkey's jacket! And, this post was way cute. Ryan loved it too. Yay monkeys!

  4. I loved the monkeys! Reminds me of Diana's bear, Pinkie, who went everywhere with us. She bungie-jumped off the lamp in Orlando, went on rides in Disney World, and rode in the back seat. We even sang "She's a Well-traveled Bear" to Pinkie. Children's imaginations are priceless. Enjoy!


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