Thursday, March 29

When Finley was Born, As Told by Finley

So, Finley tells this real cute story about when he was born.  I've been trying to get it on video for awhile because Vic told me I need to blog it.  I finally had him captive in the bathtub and he was willing to tell me the story.  The part about the dinosaurs is new... he's clearly a bit confused.  A transcript of his part is below, just in case you don't speak fluent Finley-ese.

Transcript of Finley's part:

I was in your belly, and I played with Brady and I have so much fun and a dinosaur came and I ran that way and Braden ran this way and I went, I went in the dinosaur elevator to go up and the dinosaur won't eat me.

Yeah... A dinosaur came to get out and he was big and he was... and he need to... I'm feeding myself!

Doctor said, "Come out little baby Finley!"

And I came out!

You gave me kisses.

You came and daddy came and he gave me kisses. And he said I love you I love you.

And grandpa came and he said, I love you I love you.

And I was growing up.  And grandpa said, "You're growing up!" Baby yogurt. And I said yeah.


  1. Oh my goodness, that is the cutest thing ever! So hilarious to watch his train of thought.

  2. What an exciting birth story, Finley!

  3. awwww - that is so sweet. He is precious, Rachel :)

  4. My heart just melted a little. Thanks so much for sharing, Rach :-)

  5. This is precious! Such a good story!

  6. My favorite part was ""You're growing up!" Baby yogurt." Your kiddos are adorable!

  7. Thanks for the adorable story. So amazing!

  8. Very cute! Dinosaurs at a birth could be very entertaining :) Loved his rendition.

  9. I am very glad you provided a transcript. Silly boy. My friend Ashley and I watched it at school - we have to watch cute videos to stay sane.

  10. I'm very distracted by whether or not he is truly eating yogurt in the bathtub or just pretending....

    1. Duh courtney. Where do you eat yogurt?

  11. That's just too precious!

    And I had a thing about playing with those syringes in the bathtub when I was a kid. Those were the best toys.

  12. Loved watching and hearing how these things come about. It's a miracle!

  13. Oh! His enthusiasm is so sweet!

  14. They say children can really, truly remember their births sometimes. Kinda weirds me out to think about, but very cool. And dinosaurs. Woah.


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