Tuesday, April 3

First World Problem

As I opened my cupboard to make lunch today, jars fell on me.  Jars of different peanut butters.  And I realized that I'm beginning to have a problem.  A first world problem, but kind of a funny problem nonetheless.

I didn't organize these in a logical order, so this list is a little strange.

5.  Skippy Natural Peanut Butteris my go to peanut butter for sandwiches.  I used to use the Smuckers Natural, but this kind the oil doesn't separate out--and you can buy it in bulk using Amazon Subscribe and Save (there's also a $1 coupon on Amazon's page right now, making this $2.55 a jar. Yum!)  Because it's cool to buy your groceries online... in bulk.

3.  I've been a fan of Peanut Butter and Co. goods since we visited their restaurant in NYC back in 2005. Sometimes you can get rad coupons and then they get doubled and it isn't $6 a jar anymore! I don't like to share this one with Finley.  I just like to dip my fingers in it and dream.

6.  Who doesn't love Nutella?  No one, that's who. I adapted my go to PB Granola recipe to use Nutella and it was a hit.  The amount of Nutella recipes I have on Pinterest is nuts.  (Nuts!  Get it?)

4.  Um, I bought this weird powdered Peanut Butter at Whole Foods because it's like 100 times healthier than regular PB because it has no oil.  You are supposed to mix it with water... which is gross.  I'm still trying to find a recipe I could use it in that wouldn't make me cry from lack of real peanut butter.  Let me know if you have a suggestion.

2.  I bought this Cookie Butter at Trader Joe's because Vic's sis Lauren and I had been pining over the Biscoff Spread for months and could never hand over the ridiculous amount it cost... and this seemed like a good substitute.  It's made from GROUND UP COOKIES.  What could be better?

1.  I'll tell you what could be better. BISCOFF SPREAD.  Literally the day after I bought the TJ Cookie Spread I found the Biscoff Spread at Safeway. Safeway! Who knew. You know about Biscoff, right?  It's the delicious, magical cookies they serve on airplanes. Oh it's so good. It's ground up cookies you could spread on another cookie.  I'm not making this stuff up.

Am I missing any nut butters I should add to my rotation?  I've dabbled in Sunflower Nut Butter and it's pretty tasty too.  Mmmm... I'm going to go dip my fingers in all those jars right now.


  1. PB2 is an interesting product. Great concept but so unsatisfying.

    And I don’t love Nutella (obviously).

  2. This could possibly be the most important blog you've ever posted.

    1. I was just introduced to TJ's Cookie Butter. Changed. My. World. I like to dip Scooby Snacks in it. Or just eat it with a spoon.

    2. You're missing Trader Joe's Natural Creamy PB. You have to stir it the first time you get it, but then it is the tastiest of the healthy peanut butters that exist. No sugar. No oil. Just peanuts and salt. Yum!

  3. I'd like to take credit for PB & Co! Love it! Our favorite is the grind-your-own at Market Street.

  4. At first I didn't know what the title meant...but now I get it. :)

    I love Peanut Butter too! I love to mix my Skippy Natural with Marshmallow Cream. Don't knock it 'til you try it!

    I've thought about trying the PB2...but now I think I won't. :)

  5. awww, I wish I had room for all of those...wait, I wish I could buy any of them (I can get Nutella pretty easily). I actually just pinned a recipe for cold, jarred oatmeal (weird, I know) and one of the recipes called for PB2...

  6. And I don't get the title... #iliveinruralamerica

    1. Title Clarification: It would be a third world problem if you were like, "My village doesn't have water." Since we live in America we have problems like, "The lightbulb went out on my dryer." or "Instagram took forever to get to Android." or "There isn't room for all my peanut butter in my cupboard." (Those are all things I thought today.) They are first world problems... not actually problems at all.

      If you want a good laugh, follow @firstworldpains on Twitter. Hilarious.

  7. Your first trip to the peanut butter store wasn't with me? I went with you in 2006. I feel mislead.

  8. Kroger has a generic brand of crunchy nutella. It's SO good!

    I could do this same thing with our cheese drawer. We have so many different kinds of cheeses. But Aaron doesn't like me to talk about our cheese hoarding because he doesn't want anyone to judge us or think we're fatties. lol cracks me up!

  9. I also have a spreadable-peanut-butterly-things jar problem. But we only have 5 jars, not 6. And they don't tumble out of our cabinets because we still live like college kids and don't ever have food in the house.

  10. 4 of those things I didn't even know existed. But, I want to find #1 and #2 now. And btw I am NOT a vegetarian. Only once a few summer's ago out of rebellion. No, that baby meat in a jar just looks so nasty.


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