Wednesday, May 23

Summer TV

Hi, it's me here--the Rachel who loves TV.  As we take a minute to pause our collective mourning of regular season TV finales (Barney and Robin! House and Wilson! Leslie wins! Luke and Lorelai!), I thought I'd give you some TV recommendations to get you through the long, cold summer months.  And I'd love your suggestions as well!

Returning Shows to Catch Up On -- These are shows I'm worried won't get renewed and/or think that everyone would love. Obviously you should watch things like Downton Abbey and Modern Family, but I'm sure I'm not the first person to tell you that.
Happy Endings - Real talk: this surprised me as one of my favorite shows this season.  It's a bit like a younger Cougar Town--they have their own snappy dialogue and each character is so entertaining and just hilarious.
Cougar Town - They are making the big move to TBS and I'm not sure what this means for them, but you won't be sad you spent any time with the cul de sac crew.
Parks and Rec - I'm afraid to say it, but this MIGHT be my fave show.  Maybe.  Like Happy Endings, every character is the best.
Don't Trust the B - I kind of watched this by accident and then realized that I loved it.  James Van Der Beek, people.  Come on.
Once Upon a Time - This is my only suggestion that isn't a half hour comedy--and it is REALLY good.  You only missed the first season so it's not too hard to catch up on.  It's LOSTesque in its mystery--and just so good.

Oldies but Awesomies -- And if none of those strike your fancy, here are my old standbys that everyone should watch. Veronica MarsArrested Development, and Friday Night Lights. I think those three shows couldn't be more opposite if they tried.  Dark teenage detective, quirky, off-beat humor and real life football drama. What they all have in common? A cult following campaigning for a movie for each of them.  Seriously, they are all such good shows.  Watch them before it's too late.  OH WAIT. IT IS TOO LATE. THEY WERE ALL CANCELED BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T WATCH THEM.

What I'll Be Watching -- These are mostly shows that I maybe should have watched or forgot to watch or are starting in the Summer.
Revenge - I've heard some good stuff... and there's only one season to make up.
The Mentalist - I think I accidentally missed this season because I forgot to DVR it after we switched cable providers. Whoops?
Psych - Um, same here.
SYTYCD - An annual favorite.
BUNHEADS - NEW SHOW FROM AMY SHERMAN-PALLADINO CREATOR OF GILMORE GIRLS. THIS DESERVES ALL CAPS. Ok, regular now. Directions to watch a sneak peek of the first episode are here. Sutton Foster is charming, Kelly Bishop is awesome and the episode ends with a bang. And the trailer (it really was a lot better than this trailer looks--the trailer is awfully ABC Family and the pilot was really very good.)

I hope that helps you get out of your TV doldrums.  And really, when have I steered you wrong before? Can you think of a TV show I've recommended that you haven't liked?  I'm really good at recommending TV, it's practically my part time job.

So what did I miss? Any summer shows I should catch up on?


  1. WATCH HAPPY ENDINGS PEOPLE. We'll send you the DVDs, Katherine has them now!

  2. Ummm. Scandal? Best TV show. It rocks.

  3. What’s with your Luke and Lorelai reference in the opening? And watch Revenge. So stupidly addictive. I think the finale is tonight and can’t wait!

    1. Don't you remember? It was raining? He made the party for Rory and the whole town was there? And I will watch Revenge. And Scandal.

  4. OMG Revenge! I held out a long time because I really hated Whats-her-face on Brothers & Sisters, but so good.
    Beware of Scandal, unless you are okay with a summer long major cliffhanger. So great though. Desmond from Lost too!
    I will give Once Upon a Time a chance.
    Ditto everything else. I think the Ellis' may need cable again except for just Hulu.

  5. I'd like to throw in "New Girl". Yes, the season started a bit slow but the writers quickly found their brains and made a fun and smart comedy. A great watch for quirky girls everywhere!

    1. OOh yes! Megan is straight up obsessed with it. That's a good one.

  6. I second New Girl!

    Also, Community and Sherlock (a BBC/Masterpiece Theater show).

    Also, Dr. Who (the new ones, start at series 1.)

    Also, if you've never seen Pushing Daisies, you really need to.

    That's all I can stream-of-consciousness come up with for now, but I am an unabashed TV lover too. It's not a waste of time if you only watch the good shows, right?!

    1. I love Community but tend to recommend it with reservations because it's so... strange. But awesome. Unlike Pushing Daisies which I love with my whole heart. I should have thought of that one!

      I'll add Sherlock to my list--and my family watches Dr. Who, you suggest starting all the way at the beginning? Yikes.

      And time isn't wasted when it's great TV.


    2. Thing about Dr Who is, you could probably start anywhere - the storyline builds, but most episodes are mostly one-offs - but the character development is important so that you actually care about people and what happens. Also, I really like Christopher Eccleston, the first new Doctor. Also, some of the best (and scariest!) episodes are in season 1, even though overall it's pretty hit or miss compared to later seasons (or "series," as apparently BBC says.)

      It's view instantly on Netflix! Please to try!

      If you need to get hooked, I suggest starting with "The Empty Child," a 2-parter in season/series 1. It's really creepy but gives a really good example of what Dr Who can do in terms of many of its genres - scifi, history, drama... The list goes on.

      Sherlock is only 6 episodes total right now - 3/season - but they're 1.5-hour episodes. They're good!

      And, that is all for now. Till I think of more TV to obsessively recommend.

  7. This is the first reference to Pushing Daisies I have heard in awhile. I loved that show . . . from the comments it makes me think it is still on somewhere, maybe cable? We don't have cable so even if it is, I am sunk, but if I have missed its return would love to know. That was a cleverly written show! And I can't believe Big Bang Theory hasn't been mentioned. Diana convinced me to watch, and it is hilarious . . . perhaps because our family is comprised of nerds, too!

  8. Hi,

    I stumbled onto your blog today and wanted to say hello! My oldest son (now 9 yrs old) was also born with a unilateral left clubfoot. We have been through what you are going through now for treatment (casts, tenotomy, shoes and bar) but because my son also has nerve damage, his treatment is still ongoing.

    I have a list of foot blogs on my blog and would love to add your blog if you don't mind. Pop by my blog and let me know if that would be ok.


  9. Thanks for stopping by! I will add your blog asap!

  10. I'll underscore and cap Sherlock recommendations. Season 1 and 2 are done; 2 is available on PBS site. Season 3, too long to wait!


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