Friday, July 13

Backyard Water Slide

Hello blog.

I know it's been quiet here--I've been recovering from an awesome trip to Kansas, a quick trip to Charlottesville and a gross head cold.  I've been tired and too grouchy to blog anything nice.  But instead of packing for our ten day trip to the northeast, I decided the best thing to do would be to blog.  Soo that's what I'm doing.  (Other activities I did to procrastinate... bake sugar cookies, clean out our junk drawers, download Spotify, email and tweet Vic at least 30 times... it was bad.)

Look at these two silly boys.  Braden would sit in that stinking swing all day long.  And Finley's hair is awesome, no?

I posted one of these pictures before, but I just crack up at Sol taking the boys down the slide.  Finley will go down over and over and over on his own, but Braden is really too little because it is FAST. You end up pretty much completely under at the end.  It's super safe... kind of.

As you can see Braden REALLY liked going down.  Um, kind of. But I do love that picture of the little guy.  He's so sweet. The curls. The round little belly. Pretty much I can't stop kissing his sweet little head.

Also--happy Friday the 13th and free Chick fil a day! Celebrate! Posting will likely be weird for the next week or so as we live it up in Boston and New Hampshire (imagine me saying New Hampshire like Bob in What About Bob?)  In the meantime, if you need something to read, go check out my pal Rhonda's blog.  She's an all around lovely gal and gives out great daily advice and perspective on life.  Also I designed it, if Rhonda's wisdom isn't enough reason to go over.  Happy Friday!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, pal! I really appreciate everything:)

  2. Home made water slides are the best! My sisters and I used to do that with ours all the time but we didn't have a pool at the end for a fun, soft landing...just a two foot drop from the edge of the slide onto the grass. So one unlucky time I was going so fast that I couldn't catch myself on my feet at the end and landed on my butt. That landing left me with a beautifully bruised tailbone for a few weeks. But it was so worth it because those slides were the best!

  3. Water parks are excellent places for families to have some fun time in the sun. The different water sides are just amazing to enjoy.

  4. Water parks are excellent places for families to have some fun time in the sun. The different water slides are amazing to enjoy. Thank you so much.



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