Monday, September 17

17 months and 41 months

I really just can't wait until Finley is 100 months old.  How fun will that be to write for the title?  Well, I skipped a monthly update last month due to laziness, but here's the little buggers today.

Braden really likes to pick an important object and carry it around for days.  This picture was taken during his Pampered Chef sandwich cutter phase--which has been replaced by a bulldozer spoon phase.  He has had the spoon for a little over two days--even sleeping with it.  He literally carries it with him EVERYWHERE. It's cute.  We can thank Finley for his sweet smile, Finley danced a lively jig behind me to make him happy. Some quick updates...

Eye patch... it's going much better.  He tends to forget it's there and wear it for long periods of time. If you mention it or if he sees it in the mirror, he tries to take it off--but most of the time we can distract him out of it.

Walking... he's a full fledged walker now!  He started walking about two months after Finley learned, and is much steadier.  Poor Finley's head was black and blue all the time, and Braden rarely falls.  Except when he has the eye patch on, then he tends to walk into tables. Poor baby.

Talking... he has so much to say.  He says "UM" a lot. He'll be talking gibberish and then pause and say "ummm" every few words. It's so sweet. He'll try to repeat about anything you ask him to, and says mama, daddy, Finley, doggie, all done, water, cracker, ball, balloon, apple, eye, Up (the movie) and a few other sweet ones.  He knows a lot of body parts and quite a few sounds (duck, dog, train, Wilderness explorer.)

Cuddling... he's a much cuddlier fellow than Finley ever was.  Sometimes he'll lean on me while we are sitting together or he'll rest his head on my shoulder.  It seriously almost kills me. He likes me, he really likes me. Actually, he REALLY likes me.  So much that he gets very upset when he thinks there's even a tiny chance that I might be leaving him.  Like if someone new walks in the room, if I stand where he can't see me or if I try to set him down in a strange place.  We start BSF this week and my friend Amy has been watching the boys while I work, so I'm hoping the combination of those things will help him to remember that I always come back.

Oh Finley. It was like pulling teeth to get him to take these pictures.  He was pretending he was on an airplane--that's why the chair is in front of him (I think?) You can see Braden cruising through with his toy in the second picture.  Finley is really into everything. He loves doing his preschool activities, building things with blocks, playing with cars and racing around the house.  He's stubborn and wants do things HIS way... typical three year old behavior. He amazes us with what words he picks ups and the things he tells us.  I could write many a post on the funny things that come out of his mouth.

Braden was clearly excited to take pictures with Finley. Finley may may be turning a little kinder towards Braden.  It seems like he smacks him a little less--although about twenty times a day I hear Finley yell, "Can you please get Braden??!?" as his brother wreaks havoc on whatever Finley is working on. He's also rather protective towards him--Finley freaks out if he thinks Braden is about to get hurt, whether it's putting something in his mouth or walking towards the street. It's very sweet--and sometimes a little rough. If we aren't taking care of the problem, Finley will grab him and try to hold him back, which doesn't go over well.

We're having a fun time. I feel so lucky to spend my days with these munchkins.


  1. Perfect way to start my Monday! So adorable!

  2. I saw the title of this blog from my blog before opening your blog and giggled that you still write 41 months -- and loved that you opened with hoping to get to 100 months. That's awesome. You TOTALLY have to do that.

    How many months am I, I wonder...? MacBook's Calculator says that in 3 days I will be 374 months old. Math is fun, right? But I'm not sure I liked this calculation.

  3. 100 months will be AWESOME. but you may not be able to keep up with the monthly posts when you have nine kids.


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