Tuesday, February 26


Bedtime is one of my favorite times around here.  Sol is here to help wrangle the boys and they get extra silly and sweet. Braden loves bath time. He'd sit there for days and days. Most of time he pours water over a head and pretty much waterboards himself. And his curls are extra bouncy after baths...

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Finley has to be forced into bathtime, but likes it once he is there. He especially likes helping "wash" Braden.  Finley's favorite part is reading before bed--current favorite is the Bible. Loves it.

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They're just sweet. Even though the lighting couldn't be worse at bedtime, I couldn't resist trying to capture some of these moments. Braden posing in the doorway and the boys pretending their heater is a train.

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  1. I missed this post somehow...? I love the bathtime pics of Braden!!! SOOOOO cute!

    Is that a frame on your wall without a picture in it?


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