Thursday, February 28

Dulles Air and Space

One of my favorite places to take the boys is the Dulles Air and Space Museum.  On weekdays it's very empty and a great place to go with kids because they can kind of roam free. And everyone is impressed by the big airplanes!

 photo Blog-5346_zps17dd6cad.jpg

Watching Finley and Margaret play together is always interesting.  They can push each others' buttons like no other, but they love each other dearly too. And Margaret is a good role model for posing for pictures...

 photo Blog-5343_zps9f350416.jpg

Aside from Finley's newfound love of wandering too far away from me, we had a really good time. Both the boys love seeing all the planes and getting to walk around. And we love outings with our special friends!

 photo Blog-5332_zps22056e1d.jpg


  1. I don't know why you insist on punishing Braden by taking him fun places and then making him take a photo.

    1. Child services is going to come take him any day...

  2. Omg. I couldn't love the sweet big kids in front of the space shuttle with Brady climbing under it any more...


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