Wednesday, April 24

Cherry Blossoms

The boys and I made a run into DC (even though my allergies begged me not to) to see the cherry blossoms. Finley was a much more willing participant in my photoshoot than his brother--and I got a few sweet ones of him, which you saw in the post for his birthday. (In case you are interested, here's a vintage 2009 post about Cherry Blossoms...)

 photo Print-6461_zpse3ace57e.jpg

We went out on a Wednesday morning--one of maybe five good days of blossoms. We made it early enough there weren't many people out. The boys got to run free and enjoy the blooming trees--and I got quite a few good shots with no people. I had some anxiety about taking the boys into DC alone--but they did great. Traffic was moderate, I parked easily and the boys happily rode in the stroller as we moved around the tidal basin. It was a lovely day.

 photo Print-6450_zpsda5a1391.jpg

Braden was too busy exploring and asking for snacks to participate in the pictures.  This really was about as good as it got! I mean, he's cute even when he's not smiling.

 photo Print-6438_zps1e06ef7a.jpg

All my favorite smiley pictures of Finley are in his birthday post--but I this is one of my favorites, even though he's making a goofy face.

 photo Print-6408_zps307afa10.jpg

A nice lady was kind enough to take our picture--I'm so grateful she did! A very sweet memory to wrap up our Virginia time. (Sidenote: the first time I typed that sentence I typed BOSTON instead of Virginia. I still slip up and tell people that's where I love when people ask... And I majorly have Boston on the brain after the bomber was captured a mile south of our old house in Watertown!)

 photo Print-6476_zpsbc0f2f36.jpg

On the way back to the car, we stopped at the Jefferson Memorial and the boys climbed around and I took some pictures.

 photo Print-6500_zps8ae450f5.jpg

Here's some pictures of us at the Jefferson two years ago... I can't believe how LITTLE Finley looks! Tiny peanut. After we left, we stopped and picked up We The Pizza as the culmination of my DC Gastro-Tour. I hit just about every restaurant on my list!

 photo Print-6503_zps2c53f594.jpg


  1. So pretty! You know you're required to post more during finals so I have something fun to look at and distract me, right? Or I guess I can see you guys for real or something like that, too.

  2. Lovely blossom shots!!!

    Love DC.

    Missing you.

    1. I'm sure I'll feel this same way after your Disney shots are posted... but you are so much more creative than me! I need to brainstorm more beforehand because in the moment, I'm more worried about making sure my kids don't run away. :)

  3. I think that the Jefferson has the best natural light. It's just perfect.

    1. No joke. It's just beautiful. A little too tempting for kids who just want to climb though...


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