Tuesday, May 14

Deanna Rose

We have kind of rotten luck at the Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead--we went last July and it was sweltering. SO so hot.  You can see my sweaty boy riding a pony here. We figured May would be the perfect time to enjoy the farm--and we were wrong. It snowed. It was cold.  But lots of fun.

 photo Print-7290_zpsc95f9325.jpg

There are no shortage of goats--we started to be concerned about the long term future of the goats... what exactly do they do with all of them? I mean, there are A LOT. Vic had free reign over my camera and got a TON of great shots of Finley... she invented a new trick that gets him to looks at the camera and sometimes smile.

 photo Print-7321_zps11f6661a.jpg

The boys loved the tractors even though they still aren't big enough to pedal them. One day, my little boys. One day.

 photo Print-7329_zpsfc9b0da2.jpg

It's so nice to have Vic around because I get to be IN the picture (and the picture is properly exposed and in focus!) I love these shots with my four year old!

 photo Print-7338_zps60c34174.jpg

These ones are more typical of what we normally get... kids wo are not interested in being in a picture with me. C'est la vie. I also need to thank Vic for the use of her winter coat--it was supposed to be SPRING.

 photo Print-7359_zps3c7b7ab3.jpg

And here are Vic and Finn ringing the cowbells. Nothing is more fun apparently!

 photo Print-7344_zps95ad64bb.jpg

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