Monday, June 10

Braden's Many Hats

The older Braden gets, the more distinct his personality becomes. Sometimes he's just like Finley, and sometimes he's the total opposite. One of my favorite Braden traits is his penchant for dressing up. Especially HATS. All the time he's bringing me hats to help him put on--he'll wear them all day. I spent  the last week trying to take pictures of him in his various outfits... first up is the Russell hat from Halloween.

 photo Print-7706_zpsd996b39e.jpg

And the next day, all he wanted to wear was his BADGES. A lot of the outfits result in tears because he can't get them to work the way he wants them to--the sash kept falling off resulting in major tantrums. (How sweet is that smile with the curls in the first picture? Killing me.)

 photo Print-7761_zps1dcda5a1.jpg

And then I bought the boys superhero masks at Target for $2.50. Braden's is especially funny because of how it smushes his chubby little face.

 photo Print-7916_zpsa10327c6.jpg

Finley got his superhero mask after he got back from "delivering the mail" which involves riding his bike up and down the street to all the mailboxes. He's a creative fellow.

 photo Print-7926_zps92563a94.jpg

He understood the superhero thing a little better and tried to do some of the superhero poses I taught him. Cracked me right up.

 photo Print-7935_zps163ff3b9.jpg

The train hat is the number two hat in the rotation. As you may recall, Braden loves trains, and therefore loves running around in his train hat yelling ALL ABOARD! CHOO CHOO!

 photo Print-7852_zps62b3b784.jpg

He was super entertained by the remote timer for a little bit. We were all over the map--from angry that Finley had the timer, to happy that he got it again to tolerating taking a picture with his mother.

 photo Print-7885_zps33b389f2.jpg

All Finley wanted to do is take pictures with the timer upside down. Yep. That's what four year olds do. The big picture is a bit blurry--sad face from mom.

 photo Print-7891_zpse8cb317f.jpg

Clearly Braden has great style--his other favorite things is wearing anyone's shoes but his.  I'm just proud he picked out the Jack Rogers to wear.

 photo Print-7941_zps4482f0f5.jpg

And the number one hat? Mickey, duh.  Pretty much every day is a Mickey hat day. Every day. And then he runs around saying I MICKEY MOUSE! The apron is not in the normal rotation. He saw Finley wearing it and had to wear it too.

 photo Print-7971_zps8e80a6bf.jpg

My favorite thing is that he almost always wants to sleep with the hat. Sometimes I try to hide the hat so I don't have to deal with putting it on his head 100 times a day (although he's almost figured out how to do it himself) but without fail, once I put him in his crib he'll say I DON'T WANT MICKEY HAT which means that he does want his Mickey hat. He is really confused about what don't means.

 photo Print-7985_zps5609de6a.jpg

And then he still sucks his thumb. Presh.


  1. so this many photos of your boys on a Monday morning pretty much rules! I'm so lucky to know you all! And I think it's a great post because we get to hear about B-Town's personality - which shows through totally. Also, you should do some more day in the life photos with Sol's crazy schedule!

    1. We should! Because our life is weird. You have good ideas.

  2. Beautiful and fun boys! And don't you love the thumb sucking? A part of me hope Shannon never stops...but then I realize...she does have to some day...

    1. I KNOW. Braden's teeth are a wreck--although I'm not sure how much we can atribute to the thumb...

  3. Amazing post Rachel! Great pictures of the boys. I love the one with Braden smiling with the badges and Finley on the bike. Adorable! :)

  4. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Those blond-haired boys! Could they be any sweeter?


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