Tuesday, September 24


We made our triumphant return to church this past Sunday.  It would have been sooner--but we were out of town two Sundays at the beach and had a parade of company coming through every weekend we were home! I told Sol I needed a picture of the boys--and for some reason they somewhat participated.

 photo Print-2060_zps74bde638.jpg

It's amazing what the promise of a mini-Oreo and cupcake will get out of your children... Finley was willing to hold Keaton and Braden was willing to hold semi-still.

 photo Print-2061_zps162ba4ab.jpg

Poor Keaton. He needs to get some head control so he can hang with his crazy brothers.

 photo Print-2058_zps3dba94a7.jpg

As crazy as life feels right now, I can sometimes see glimmers of what may be years down the road. Voracious eaters. Holes in the wall. Wrestling. Stinky feet. The end of matching outfits... Probably Star Wars. Definitely Legos and Transformers. I'm looking forward to it. Until I step on a Lego.


  1. Star Wars is in your near future. It's already part of our lives. :)

    Adorable pictures!!!

  2. OMG - that bottom left picture of Brady!! I can't take his sweet smile. Actually, I love the whole series. Those are some cute, church-ready boys.

  3. LITTLE DUDES. That's the most witty comment I have.

  4. Replies
    1. No doubt. A lot less pink than your world! But no less crazy. :)


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