Monday, September 23

Finley Boogies

One of the big changes with the boys this year--they were able to play a little more actively in the ocean! And they loved it. Braden has no fear, and Finley became a competent enough swimmer that the water didn't make him nervous.  His newest skill? Boogie boarding.

 photo Blog-1755_zps97ec8aab.jpg

 photo Blog-1758_zps63504099.jpg

 photo Blog-1761_zps73547174.jpg

Sol would carry him out on the board and set him on a wave that pushed him in. HE LOVED IT.  Everytime he stood up at the end and said THAT WAS AWESOME! It was adorable.


  1. Glad you're back. I wish I could hear Finley say that was awesome but I know what it sounds like. He's so cute.

    1. Yeah I might post like two other things this week! WOW! The truth is, he said THAT WAS AWESOME every time except the time I recorded--that time he said CAN I SEE THE VIDEO?

  2. My Mom boogie boarded two years ago. We also filmed it. It is FORBIDDEN to ever see the light of day.

  3. Looks like my childhood vacations - love boogie boarding!


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