Thursday, September 19

Just a Little Post

To blog or not to blog.

Sometimes I haven't written a post in so long (eight days!) that I feel like I have to write an awesome one to come back with.  And this one isn't it.  We spent last week in the Outer Banks and it was lovely. We basically went to the beach, ate and listened to Justin Timberlake. Over. And. Over. I've almost watched all of Twin Peaks, which is probably the best show of the early nineties. I'm not sure how to deal with the end of Breaking Bad in all its glory. And I'm trying to figure out how to drive to preschool twice a day and not die of kids yelling and crying in the car. Basically, I want a nap and to talk to someone about TV.

But because I have this crazy need to post something, here's the best picture of my big boys from the beach. Almost both looking and almost both smiling. We had a sandy, sunny blast.


  1. I will 100% swap jobs with you. Come here right now and then we can talk about TV.

  2. Fiona cries on the way home from daycare at least every other day(because she is tired + hungry), so I bring snacks for the car. I try to pick healthy snacks like fruit, but sometimes I just give her a pack of fun-sized M&Ms.This is messy, but could work for Fin and Brady. Keaton will just have to deal.

  3. We do a LOT of singing in the car to/from daycare. Will the boys sing? Maybe with a children's CD or something if you don't want to do it yourself sometimes? Or with a book that plays music?


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