Friday, September 6

First Day of Preschool

The boys started preschool this week--the first time for both of them. Finley is going five days a week (so big!) and Braden is going two. Because it's unacceptable for any child to go to school without taking a picture with a sign these days, we took a few of those. And luckily Victoria was here to be the photographer, so we actually got a decent family one! Hooray!

 photo Print-1195copy_zpsc2220822.jpg

I was surprisingly not sad at all to send the boys off.  I think the chaos caused by Keaton made me READY for those few hours with less kids. And Finley was beyond ready.  I was a little worried about him--most of the other kids are older and had been in preschool the previous year. But his teacher assured me he had a great vocabulary and seemed very bright.  Relief. He's come home every day telling me all about their centers and his job in the classroom--he loves it.

 photo Print-1095_zps9f5d778a.jpg

 photo Print-1175_zpscdc86c1c.jpg

Can someone explain how we became parents to a kiddo who is headed off to school every day? I'm not expecting to handle kindergarten so gracefully--I fully expect to be a melty mess next year.

 photo Print-1201_zps060d451c.jpg

Braden struggled just a bit--the teacher sad he was a little sad towards the end, but the tears had dried up by the time we got there.  I can only imagine what preschool with a room full of two year olds looks like! I've done a much poorer job teaching Braden things on my own, so I'm glad he's headed off where someone else can straighten out colors and letters and such. As you can see, he was really into taking pictures. He was really interested in the baby wipe and dandelion he was holding. Typical B-Town.

 photo Print-1294_zpsf926ef0a.jpg


 photo Print-1215_zps12167a28.jpg

It was the perfect first week of preschool--Sol was on the evening shift, so he was here to help us get ready in the morning and start working on a routine of getting the kids dropped off and picked up. It's kind of a lot of coordinating for a somewhat sleep deprived mom to figure out.

 photo Print-1230_zps952dc4b4.jpg

In our not best timing move--we're headed to the beach next week, so the kids get a well deserved break from school. Whoops.


  1. Seriously in that first photo it sort of looks like Brady is almost even SMILING at me.

    1. I think we all know it's a trick--it's a prescream fluke.

  2. Where's the Comic Sans? :)

    Your boys are so cute!!!

    1. I chickened out. :) And figured I shouldn't press my luck with two signs...

  3. How are they big enough to go to school?!? I can't believe it. And, I'm pretty sure that counts as a smile for Braden.


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