Tuesday, October 22

Pictures with Disney Characters

We were fortunate to get to go to Disney twice this year--and the fact that I may have over documented our trip in January, combined with the fact that most of the time there was an infant strapped to my chest, made for less pictures at Disney. It was slightly liberating to feel like I already had pictures of most things I "needed" from last time.  As I scrolled through the pictures from this go round, I realized they were pretty much all pictures of the boys with characters. I'll try not to gush--but the sweet way the characters interact with the kids, like KILLS me. They just embody the ridiculous Disney experience of making your child feel so special. Even the ones who have heads and can't talk.

This one was a first--they took a picture with a PRINCESS.  Um, I love Finley's shy little smile. This was at the Magic Kingdom--Storytime with Belle. They got to act our a brief version of Beauty and the Beast for Belle, and then take a picture with her. It was kind of awesome. They also got a bookmark, which the boys were obsessed with until they lost them. Finley was supposed to be Chip in the play, but chickened out.

 photo Print-2556_zpsac54bc5c.jpg

As a rule, if a character has a big head on, they can't talk. EXCEPT THIS MICKEY COULD. I tend to cry when I meet Mickey and had held strong until I realized he could talk and listened to him interact with my boys. He has a few gimmicks he does with different groups--this Mickey got them to bounce like Tigger with him. Adorable.

 photo Print-2803_zpsd132ff82.jpg

The moment we had waited and planned and prepared for (aside from Russell!) was meeting Peter Pan.  And unlike last time, Wendy was with him! I tried to let her take her choice of my children to be Lost Boys, and she declined. It was just as fun to watch the boys meet their favorite character as it was last time. And this time I made them all matching Peter Pan hats. I WIN!

 photo Print-2790-2_zps31e83a4a.jpg

We hit the parks pretty hard this time--six days at the Parks, most days getting there before they opened and staying as late as we could make it. (One 11 and 12 hour day!) To try and not spend a fortune, we bring a meal into the park to eat everyday.  And to make sure we aren't too thrifty, we ate a few nice, sit down meals. If you plan well, you can get reservations for the restaurants that have buffets (which means you get slightly healthier food, unlimited fountain drinks and DESSERT) and also get to meet characters without waiting in line. This was at Tusker House in the Animal Kingdom--my new fave. We got to meet Mickey, Donald, Daisy and Goofy. And we ate well and sat in the AC. My main complaint was the terrible terrible lighting on our side of the restaurant.

 photo Print-2707_zps3a4e27f8.jpg

Poor Keaton--he'll have more fun next time.  He spent about 90% of the time at the parks in the Moby Wrap. I was committed to wearing him in it from the day he was born. I watched YouTube videos, practiced at home and finally we got to a place where he loved it and I could get him in it easily. It was so awesome. It's so snuggly--he slept almost the whole time and just was the happiest guy.  I also figured out how to nurse him sneakily in it--so his hungry little schedule didn't slow us down too much.

 photo Print-2690_zps2478ee96.jpg

We made our first trek to Epcot with the boys this trip, and I'm so glad we did! A lot of the retro rides I remembered are gone, but there are quite a few new, great rides for kids.  And also, no line to see Mickey.  For some reason, Braden was being ridiculously shy. He stood with his head down with Mickey the whole time. SO silly.

 photo Print-2627_zps726d12e0.jpg

Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom were the two parks Finley wanted to go to for a second time. Good thing, because then we got a picture with Sorcerer Mickey. And a picture with Keaton out of the wrap!

 photo Print-2848_zps613fc9be.jpg

We also met the Incredibles because why not. And I cut Frozone's head off. They were funny--their shtick as doing push ups and being strong. Finley liked it.

 photo Print-2854_zpsf444b883.jpg

It was nice to have semi-competent photographers to hand my camera off to... one of these (or all of these?) may be our Christmas card this year. I mean, apparently all we have to do to have the boys smile and look at the camera is take them to Disney. Easy.

 photo Print-2677_zpsb2f5566b.jpg

And just because this post doesn't have enough pictures... here are all the ones with Mickey together from each park. Just because. And in case you didn't notice, Braden is wearing his Mickey ears in every picture. He was in heaven getting to wear his ears everywhere, all the time.

 photo Print-2612copy_zpsa64e72e5.jpg

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  1. It's funny because I would say your definition of smile and look at the camera is slightly different than mine...but a definite improvement. Finn's smirky smile is pretty much killing me.

  2. Compared to their normal pictures, I'd say this was a big improvement!

  3. Seriously?!?! The beach with a newborn and now DISNEY for SIX days?!?! You are my parenting hero...I'm anticipating barely being able to get the boys to school by the time this baby comes...let alone awesome family vacations! Share your secret, sister!

    1. I think the secret is making bad choices? We would NOT have done Disney if we hadn't had my sister's wedding nearby--but honestly, Keaton was the easiest to deal with out of all three! Our ability vacation is better than my ability to get all of us to school dressed, fed and on time!

  4. These are great pictures! So fun. And the MOBY? I LOVE IT. Peter loves it too...though at 5 1/2 months and 20 pounds...it actually does hurt my back slightly...but it's a lifesaver.

    1. That's really good to hear you are still using it! I wasn't sure how long he'd be content in it... although I have put Braden in it before. :)

  5. Your pictures just made me even MORE excited about my race at Disney in only 17 days! I'm definitely planning to do as many character meet and greats as possible! Did you have any Wreck It Ralph or Gaston sightings?

    1. Finley was afraid of Ralph! But he's at Hollywood Studios... and I bet Gaston hangs out in Fantasyland, but we didn't see him. The website and app will tell you when everyone is where! You are going to have a blast!


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