Thursday, February 20

A Baby Shower for Kat

Since Kat is itching to have a baby any day now, I thought I should probably blog about the shower! It was waaay back in December and may be my favorite party I've done to date.  It's being featured on HWTM in March, so I'll post more details after that--but here's a quick peek!

 photo 131221-23_zpsbeb097d6.jpg

I flew into Wichita with just Keaton for the weekend--and it was kind of magical. Magical because I got to see so many dear high school pals, and magical because it was kind of a frozen winter wonderland. So frozen that Christina and Katie couldn't make it in--which was not at all magical.

 photo 131221-40_zpsf028085a.jpg

Pretty much all parents are "the best parents ever" but Kat and Tim might be an inch ahead of everyone else. They are seriously going to be the best parents ever. I love how much they have loved all our children--that baby is going to be absolutely smothered in love. In a good way--like you'd smother pancakes with syrup.

 photo 131222-4796_zpse38c26fd.jpg

I feel like I'm a bit of a broken record about how much I love these girls, but how can you not? I mean, clearly they are an extra special bunch. Carrie and Courtney really helped make these pictures special.

 photo 131222-4770_zpsf858faf5.jpg

And for every nice, normal smiling picture, there are plenty where we look like fools. It's second nature to us.

 photo 131222-4820_zpsed15d06e.jpg

I was so blessed to get to travel down and see so many friends--thanks to Hillary to always being my hotel. I love that in addition to making weird faces, it's also second nature to end our days in Wichita at one of our houses, laying on couches and floors, laughing and talking. I hope it always is that way.


  1. Replies
    1. I assume you mean star... but you are correct in that he is how people start!

  2. Still so bummed that we missed the party, especially now that I know it was the best one ever! At the time, I was a little glad we missed the stomach bug though - would have been painful to deal with while on vacation.

    PS. I ate a cookie.

  3. You were very lucky to have missed the stomach flu, but very unlucky to miss the fun times together. BSC FOREVER!

  4. I like pancakes. And baby cheeks. And you and this blog post about my shower. But not the stomach flu. Thanks, friend.


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