Wednesday, February 19

Valentine Decorations

Since I kind of got my act together for decorating for Christmas this year, I kept the ball rolling by making some Valentine decorations. I popped some new pictures and red paint on the frames from Christmas (their permanent home is the dining room) and Martha-ed up some felt. That's a real verb.

 photo 140213-6734_zps4e22a131.jpg

The boys loved the little mailboxes from Target--but after getting them I realized they were kind of pointless if we don't actually put Valentines in them. So the boys and I made some Valentines!

 photo 140213-6714_zpscc878231.jpg

I'm super proud of Finley's Valentines! Mostly because I was able to make it up based on random items we had in the house. He watercolored a page that we cut hearts out of, then we put the yarn hearts on top of it. Look at those fine motor skills! The most impressive part was that he didn't fight me on how to spell SEW. He knows it's SO and kind of got that we were making a pun.

 photo 140213-6682_zpsb82b65ea.jpg

Braden normally has NO interest in arts and crafts--but he was really into the dot markers so we went with it. Dot hearts glued on card stock. Easy.

 photo 140213-6703_zps527fa2ea.jpg

We got the boys some books and I refilled their Pez dispensers from Christmas as little Valentine treats--and I tried to make all their food heart shaped. Because I am nuts. Victoria will be here for St. Patrick's Day, so you can expect some crazy green business over here... maybe.


  1. It will INDEED be straight up green in there. I need a new green shirt. So does Kip. (Though he wasn't threatened much by the idea of little 4 and 2-year-olds pinching him.)

  2. Those mailboxes are ridiculously adorable. I love it!


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