Friday, February 28

Braden is a Special Fella

One of the things you'd think I'd miss about not having girls is not playing dress up with their costumes. Luckily, my boys really like to dress up. Finley often wanders out of his room as a superhero, and Braden is pretty good at cobbling together his current favorite items for an all start costume. Here, he is "Pirate Conductor Football Braden." (And thanks to Aunt Maya for the BRADY jersey!)

 photo 140218-6854_zpsd4f9701d.jpg

My mom taught the boys this little song and he started singing it--so I had to record him. I was going to record it once, but he wouldn't stop singing, and then I didn't want to cut it down, so here's FOUR versions of the same song. #sorryimnotsorry

And then for nap time he settled on Pirate Braden. Of course NOW he's willing to wear the eye patch. (I love that he still sucks his thumb. Don't tell.)

 photo 140218-6996_zpsc7a0e7a5.jpg

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  1. Cutest football conductor pirate I have ever seen! That jersey suits him well! :)


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