Wednesday, February 26

I Need A Hobby

Basically, I need a hobby. I mean, not really, I have plenty of hobbies. I think what I mean is I need a new photography hobby. Because I seem to be a bit stuck in a rut regarding my photography subject.

 photo 140210-6409_zps34a909a3.jpg

Um, I just can't stop. He just makes that goofy open mouth grin and stares at me and I can't stop taking pictures of that face. THAT LITTLE SQUISHY FACE.

 photo 140210-6465_zps2a686fff.jpg

He's such a stinker. But seriously. I need a photography project so I don't turn into a one trick pony. That trick being "pictures of babies lying on their backs."


A comment? For me? You shouldn't have. But please do.

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