Monday, March 3

Keaton at Seven Months

I would really like to say something clever about us being in seventh heaven, buuut that's just not quite true. There are so many sweet and wonderful things about dear Keaton--but a dark, gloomy shadow is cast by the not-sleeping. And basically I feel terrible about the not-sleeping. I don't want to make excuses for him... but I feel like they are actually legit excuses. Broken leg. On his third set of ear infections. Stomach bug. Pukes when he doesn't like his food or medicine. Cutting tooth number 5 and 6 within the last month. Possible reflux according to the doctor? Poor, poor kid. Things have improved a bit since the most recent round of antibiotics--we're about halfway through. Sadly, I'm used to waking up every hour or two to soothe him, so I'm not even feeling too sleep deprived. But I'm very much looking forward to a kid that wakes up like twice a night. Or three times even, I'm not picky.

 photo 140225-7148_zps482b810a.jpg

But enough about the sleep. He really is a doll. I feel like this has been a huge month for him developmentally. He's still not sitting, but scoots around like a champ and has some strong opinions about what he wants to do. He will play for a long time on the floor if Braden and Finley are in the room with him--but if you try to make him play alone? Nope. He loves his brothers a lot.

 photo 140225-7169_zpsdad733ec.jpg

As you can see from the pictures, the knucklehead likes to chew on his tongue. Probably because of all the exciting teeth he's been growing. The doctor recommended trying to get more solid food in him to help with sleep--but he does not seem to be a huge fan of anything but plain cereal. He will clamp his lips shut, turn his head, and occasionally puke if you really make him eat. I feel like he doesn't like sweet things--he's pretty happy with avocado, but not any sweet food. And most medicines are sweet and he tends to HATE them. And puke them on us when's he's especially being a stinker.

 photo 140225-7202_zps12cb04f7.jpg

He's bigger than the calendar! I'm pretty confident his eyes might be blue to stay--which makes me a happy mom. Sol's eye genes have been clobbering mine, so I'm happy to see my blue on him. Keaton's hair is longer than either of the boys at this age. It's just so fun to see how he's his own little person.

 photo 140225-7218_zps288ca8ae.jpg

He's had a few bouts of stranger anxiety. He gets left in childcare less than Braden and Finley did at that age so he struggles a bit more with strangers. And I'm fabulous, so he naturally prefers me to like, everything. As well he should.

 photo 140225-7208_zpse6c65304.jpg

This is often what Keaton's life looks like--some brother running around him and entertaining him or making him mad. Braden insisted on wearing one of K's leg warmers on his arm on this particular day.

 photo 140225-7306_zpsc5eeceae.jpg

The best way to get the boys to participate in anything? Cookies. They willingly cuddled with each other for a few minutes for the promise of a Thin Mint. Thank goodness for Girl Scouts!

 photo 140225-7300_zpsb9ac3d18.jpg


  1. I can't decide what I love more, Keaton's face plan OR the adoring way he wants to eat Finn's face. Keaton, get over your stranger anxiety. I'm coming for you.

  2. Poor mama -- hang in there!!!


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