Tuesday, March 11


A long time ago... we used to be friends... but I.. haven't thought of you lately...

Wait, that's not what I meant to say. I've got Veronica Mars on the brain. I meant to say, a long time ago, I used to post Instagram photos here. And then I stopped. For no reason. BUT THEN! I got an iPhone. And so I'm going to post some because I CAN CAN CAN. #moulinrougereference And these aren't quite as pretty and square as they used to be because apparently I don't like square crops any more? Oh well.
   photo solandrachel2014-02-211419HeyguesswhatItstimetobethemostpostygirlonInstagramlittlekeatonjohn660941104539203754_24470221_zps7517c608.jpg

first mommy and keatie selfie
braden forced me to wear heels and a bow
my mom came to visit!
so did my dad!
the boys playing at their train table
once i had a kate spade party
we eat so much nut butter its gross
braden loves the train app
i'm obsessed with macarons

 photo solandrachel2014-03-061559IcouldntconvincehimtomaketheNlargerfinndave670413989943146570_24470221_zpsad12e2e7.jpg

finley wrote his name in duplos
and then he made a cross boy holster
braden loves frozen and dressing up as peter pan and not wearing pants
keaton does not love food
sol loves being a dweeb
keaton is adorable
i ran 6.5 miles!!!
edmund and finley are the cutest
finley is obsessed with legos

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  1. Your boys are TOO CUTE. I love that Braden made you wear a bow and heels...amazing. Also, don't you love those striped onesies from Carters?? I try and wash mine all the time so Gibson has one to wear. The yellow and gray one is my favorite...he was supposed to wear it for his daddy's birthday yesterday (because it's daddy's favorite, too!) and then he vomited on it. And I was like, "BUT DON'T YOU KNOW THAT'S MY FAVORITE???"

    The end. Your family is beautiful.

  2. Goal: Next instagram update should be filled with VIC AND RACH pics. BAM.

  3. Totally forgot you used to do the insta-awesome posts. Love them!


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