Tuesday, March 25

Keaton at Eight Months

Man. Keaton thought I was hi-larious for these pictures. Sometimes I have to be really silly to get him to smile, but not this time. I think he was just really excited to be in the big chair. Who knows.

 photo 140324-7655_zpsf07e650b.jpg
You can catch a glimpse of those six very sharp chompers in a few of the pictures. They are all officially in and (knock on wood) he's had a few better nights of sleep lately. By better, I mean he wakes up to eat between 12 and 1, and then again around 5. And at 5 he kind of thinks its party time and it's a bit of struggle to convince him to sleep more. I had been letting him sleep with me when he was waking up all the time, but now he's alone in his crib and doing well. Naps are still iffy--sometimes he'll take nice long ones and sometimes he doesn't want to at all.

 photo 140324-7713_zpsa1d0d93f.jpg

We're starting to improve with solid foods too! When everything was wrong with him, eating made him mad. Like he'd just puke it back up because he was upset about it. I've started baby led weaning with him (giving him chunks of toast/carrot/sweet potatoes...) and he seems to enjoy gnawing on them his high chair. I'm trying to get as much food in him during the day as I can, so I'm trying to sneak in bites of cereal (or smushed avocado!) in while he feeds himself.  I'm hoping we can continue to add more things he'll eat off a spoon and that he'll quickly improve at the self feeding. I'm pretty sure he needs those calories to help him sleep more...

 photo 140324-7681_zps202af49a.jpg

He's generally just a delightful kid. He still loves to be carried in the Moby and I practiced using it on my hip rather than the front a few days ago--and it was exactly as exciting as it sounds.

 photo 140324-7718_zpsc2fb3519.jpg

We're starting to get the hang of sitting! He's a great scooter and sometimes will roll to his side like he wants to push into sitting and really just ends up looking like a male model, which makes me laugh.  He's been pulling up to his knees a few times which I find CRAZY like he's defying gravity or something. It's not actually crazy.  He's a great scooter and we're finally to the stage where it sometimes takes me a few seconds to find him if I stop watching him--he moves quick! We have a two rooms that are a step down on the main floor and we're learning some tough lessons about what happens when you crawl over the edge.

 photo 140324-7732_zps81af985e.jpg

I love his soft hair--it's so much longer than the other boys' at this age! And it might be darker, I can't really tell. I just like that he's his own little dude. With my blue eyes and some mystery hair.

 photo 140324-7741_zpseabc2379.jpg

Eight months buddy! Can you even believe it? That's two thirds of a year. I'm ready to hit pause and soak up the days of this silly guy (the nights I could do without.) Stay little, my friend.

 photo 140324-7764_zpse54e994e.jpg


  1. I wish Keaton weren't so dang cute. He's killing me. I also wish he slept for you.


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