Friday, March 28

Victoria + Rachel = Super Cool Fun Times

Vic and I have done a lot of awesome stuff over the years. She's far and away one of the most frequent characters on this ole blog. We had so much fun over her last visit... but for some reason I only took pictures of the two of us on the new iPhone (imagine me doing jazz hands). I need to make sure I'm still shooting plenty with the big girl camera...

 photo photo2_zps3ae4a627.jpg

The two coolest things we did while she was in town... One, wearing matching shirts to see the Veronica Mars movie (thumbs up from everyone! we laughed! we cried at the Fault in Our Stars trailer!) and two, visiting the Downton Abbey costume exhibit at Winterthur. It was a-mahzing. You can see us posing in front of the outfits Mary and Matthew wore in the snowy proposal! #RIPMatthew

 photo photo1_zps294e7d46.jpg

We also drank copious amounts of seltzer, made a mighty fine batch of macarons and finalized the rebranding of RV Parties. We did not, however, play Victoria's favorite game of throwing away expired food from the fridge. It was as fun as it always is--and having Kip there might have even amplified the fun a bit, if that's even possible. #rachtoriaforeverandever


  1. I love you. Obvi. Also I LOVE THAT SELFIE with Keats. How do we all look so cute in that photo?!

    1. I know! If only you were wearing stripes...

  2. Haha, I ALWAYS play the expired food game when I go home to my parents house. Keep fighting the good fight Vic!

  3. Oh, pals. Looks like such a fun time. And Keaton looks extra tiny in the selfie!


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