Tuesday, April 22

Easter Activities

Holidays are a little more fun every year--kids certainly bring a new level of excitement to them! Finley is old enough to remember what we did the previous year, so we may actually be forming some traditions which is a little crazy to think about. I better not screw up. Our first Easter tradition has no pictures--but we love the Resurrection Eggs! It's a little carton of eggs that has a different bible verse and token for every day and walks very nicely through the Gospel. The boys alternated who got to open the egg every day and were pretty kind about it.

 photo 140416-8200_zps41afca6c.jpg

Our second activity was making Resurrection Rolls. (Recipe: dip marshmallows in butter, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, wrap in dough, bake.) The boys had a lot of fun assembling them and its a great way to walk through the Easter story a different way. There are verses you can read for each step and then after you bake them--spoiler alert--the rolls are empty! Here's a great detailed description. (Also, please forgive Braden for his outfit. I tried to clothe him. Really I did.)

 photo 140416-8241_zps0275ba67.jpg

 photo 140416-8223_zpsabfa1d30.jpg

And obviously, our third activity was dyeing eggs. Finley pointed out several times that dyeing is not the same as dying, in case you were confused about that. The boys tricked me into buying two $5 kits from Target (pirate and jungle) with lots of egg accessories that we never used. Next time--the cheap Paas stuff for us. They were VERY serious about dyeing. I loved how interested Braden was in the process and how careful Finley was with his eggs!

 photo 140416-8217_zpsb9dc597f.jpg

We eventually remembered we had some cute ears so we stuck them on for a bit.

 photo 140416-8229_zps40b01ed2.jpg

I saw lots of other fun egg dyeing ideas floating around--next year we may try the Cool Whip/shaving cream option!


  1. #bradynopants #istillcommentonyourblog (Also, I think you make a good point about tradition. I do whatever I want from year to year but Finn's memory sure helps you track it!)

  2. Fun traditions. We haven't started many...I should get on that :)


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