Friday, April 25

Mammoth Caves

We made the long drive to visit Sol's parents for Easter--and we survived. Barely. Three fifths of our family came down with a stomach bug and one fifth of our family still is not a fan of long car trips. Or short car trips, for that matter. (I'm looking at you, KJ.)

We met Summer and her family at Mammoth Caves--once we got there I realized I had been when I was little! The caves are amazing--we did a small cave that Braden and Finley LOVED. I could barely keep up with Braden, he was so excited!  The caves are dark (obviously) and not conducive to photography, but here's a sweet picture coming out of the cave of the grandparents and the big boys.

 photo 140419-8252_zpsfb83f1d4.jpg

Even though we still make up the majority of the grandkids, its still really special to get a picture of "all the grandkids." I have so many fond memories of playing with my cousins growing up, and we're glad that there's at least one cousin to play with! Even if Westley is three months younger than Keaton and considerably bigger...

 photo 140419-8277_zpsee2f044f.jpg

How darling are these two boys?!?! I love them.
   photo 140419-8323_zps8e96488f.jpg

It was so nice to do something a little different and expose the boys to something new (the dark depths of the earth.) Braden also got a water gun, as you can probably tell. He loved the water gun and trying to catch birds during our lunch (he was unsuccessful.)

 photo 140419-8329_zps097a42a8.jpg


  1. Westley totally reminds me of Peter...Peter might be even bigger and I think they're right around the same age...

  2. I'm kidding...Peter is 2 months older than Keaton, not 3 months younger.

  3. The pictures are darling! Thanks for sharing Rachel! xoxo


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