Thursday, April 17

Braden's Third Birthday Party

Braden has a deep, abiding love for trains. Even though we did trains last year, there really wasn't another theme he'd love--so we did trains again. I tried to make it as different as possible and I think I succeeded.

 photo RVTrain-102_zps5d788a56.jpg

We celebrated his birthday the day after our big outing to go see real trains--and he was kind of a grumpy hot mess until after his nap. I'm extremely and completely grateful for Jenn for bringing her family up to celebrate--and to capture these moments better than I ever could. My parties always look better through her lens! And I'm so grateful for these sweet shots of my THREE year old birthday boy.

 photo RVTrain-104_zps923ec0cf.jpg

The child loved his cupcake. I'm not exactly sure what his strategy was for eating it... but it did make a huge mess.

 photo RVTrain-107_zpsf5fd2f00.jpg

Could you die from the sweetness? These smiles were especially welcome since he had been SUCH a grump earlier in the day. He kept trying to tell Miss Jenn to go home. Not very nice, B. We love this kid and his wealth of personality. I'm having a hard time sitting down to write a post about his three year old little self because there's just so much of him!

 photo RVTrain-114_zps6a991319.jpg

And a few of the dessert table in case you are interested! I'm hoping to have it featured somewhere soon--I just have to get my act together in writing a recap. I'll share the rest of the details eventually. I loved like, every detail of this party and I'm kind of obsessed with the pictures. I love the stripes. I love the yellow. I love the train. I hope it's not rude for me to be in love with my own stuff. Because I am. I love this stuff so much that Finley's birthday party next week is practically identical.

 photo RVTrain-1_1_zps8919c1e5.jpg


  1. I just can't believe I freehanded those awesome Bs on the cookies. AND how much I love black and white and yellos. And I can't believe Brady is three!

  2. So cute! Love Brady's sweet, sweet face.

  3. Happy birthday, Braden!! His party looks amazing.

  4. Happy Birthday. I hope that you will have a here
    truly marvelous and joyous day with family and friends.


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