Thursday, April 3

Four Semi-Interesting Things

Hey there! I have some random things to share with you, internet, because I feel like there's some new stuff going on, and if I don't share it, it's like it isn't real. So here's a list of a few interesting things...

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1. I haven't bought bread this year. Not because I don't like bread--BECAUSE I DO. It's because I got a breadmaker for Christmas (thanks mom and dad!) and have been baking all our sandwich bread in that sucker. It's pretty much my fave. Except the one three times I forgot yeast. I don't know why that step is so hard. The recipe is so easy--I have it memorized and just dump all the stuff into the container and weigh it and five hours later--BREAD. And one day later--NO BREAD, because we eat it fast. Sol eats a slice or two a day slathered in peanut butter. I toast the heels for Keaton to chomp on and the boys devour it as sandwiches. And I tend to eat the boys crusts--because that's what moms do. (And--I would make a terrible food blogger. It's weird and hard to take pictures of food. Finley straight up snuck into the picture with the bread because, well it's weird that I was taking pictures of bread.)

 photo 140402-7854_zps18e3212a.jpg

2. This one's a little weird--I am ridiculously committed to baking to the perfect macaron. I'm not sure why. But it's all I want to do, all the time. I'm possessed by it--making batch after batch trying to determine the perfect baking time and temperature, the perfect balance between under and over-mixing and what shelf to bake it on. I'm not going to pretend that it's normal because we all know that it's not. I'm over a dozen batches in and am making progress with them being less hollow.  The good news is, even the ugliest, hollowest macaron still tastes like a tender bite of heaven. You can quote me on that. I've been stockpiling them in the freezer and keeping copious notes on what I did and how the batches turned out. Folks, it's out of control. (Can we all admire my fancy attempt at stacked mac photography???) Pictured below from top to bottom and left to right... Raspberry with Chocolate Ganache // Triple Lemon // Apricot Mascarpone // Peanut Butter and Chocolate // Nutella and Coffee // Orange Chocolate // Raspberry with Chocolate and Buttercream

 photo 140402-7811_zps993ca76f.jpg

3. I signed up for a 5k and am actually training. On the treadmill--I haven't run outside in over a year. I've never trained for a 5k before so I'm interested to see how I do. It's also my comeback race since having Keaton, so it probably won't be a PR, but that's ok. I'm using the training program I'm planning on trying for the NYC Marathon in November--it's called FIRST and has you do three HARD runs a week and cross train. No easy three milers. I kind of love it. This is officially the longest I've gone without running a marathon since I started making small people. Also--Sol and I have been doing T25 and it's kind of awesome. I'd like to say I have a six-pack, but please refer to item one and two to see why that is not the case.

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4. I've converted to doing most of my grocery shopping at Trader Joe's. I've always been fascinated by TJs and loved going there but haven't had it be my main grocery store because they don't care name brand stuff. But recently we've kind of changed our eating habits--some people are like NO SUGAR! or NO DAIRY! or NO MEAT! and that's all awesome. I've slowly decided to try to keep it real--as in eating less processed food and trying to buy food with few, simple, real ingredients. And as it turns out, Trader Joe's has that, for cheaps! This is my current favorite snack--corn salsa and Ak-Mak crackers. I mean, we go through like a can and a half of that salsa a week. It's delishy. I'm still picking up my important staples (Skippy PB, Nesquik...) at Target whenever I'm there. Which is several times a week.

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After I made this list I realized it pretty much all has to do with food. Either making and eating it or burning calories so I can continue the cycle... obviously I'm a nursing mom. #hungryallthetime #feedmeseymour


  1. Unsurprisingly, I knew all of these things already. BUT the towel I brought you appeared. YEAH!

  2. I like TJ...but I cannot do meat from TJ. It just doesn't look very quality. Maybe I am just weird about meat...

    1. Hilariously I bought AWESOME chicken there this week. The other meat I cannot attest to...

    2. I bought chicken once that was fine there--and some sausage too. We aren't huge meat eaters, so I can't really vouch for the meat! And the produce is sometimes iffy as well!

  3. Your cookie batches reminds me of the episode in Friends where Monica makes all the cookies.

    Bob and I started T25 this week! Since I hate exercising and am super out of shape I pretty much think it is borderline bearable. The worst part is I have to do it during nap time. Apparently napping while your 19 month old is napping isn't as cute as when they are a newborn.

    1. At some point you can't do "sleep when your baby sleeps" anymore?!?! I'm in trouble. It's really hard the first two weeks--and also its kind of hard since I have no rhythm and some of the stuff is kind of dance-y!

    2. I actually found a picture I laughed so hard at I tried to share it on Facebook, and Facebook wouldn't let me share it. Anyway, picture a plate piled high with yummy food ... and the caption says, "Breastfeeders Be Like ... Snack Time!" Please think this is funny, because no one else I've shared it with seems to thinks so. Maybe I'm the only one who is hungry after eating a full meal.

    3. Totally--I'll finish a meal and be like, hmm, what should I eat now? It's terrible!


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