Thursday, April 10


Hello! Welcome to my 800th post, which is a tribute to another form of social media, Instagram. I'm way better at posting there than I am here... so if you go through withdrawal of my children, that's where you can get your fix.

 photo solandrachel2014-03-131329Keatonandhisnewbestfriendlittlekeatonjohn675381710824897243_24470221_zps76e8fbd5.jpg

keaton and his best friend
three boys who like/tolerate/adore me depending on the moment
a successful eight mile run while three boys watched Frozen
me and my pal
finley can ride his bike! in style!
another mother/child selfie
a proud baby who can climb up a step

 photo solandrachel2014-03-251825PipeBakeFillSquishWait24hoursEatmacaronstagrammacaronmacaronsmacdaddystillslightlyhollowbutsoprett_zps36cbcc39.jpg

rapsberry chocolate macarons
three of my favorite guys
keaton is getting into everything in an adorable way
and climbing up steps
finley keeping keaton entertained while i sleep and they are both up TOO DANG EARLY
thin mint macarons
first day warm enough to play outside! in the dirt!
braden successfully doing his first craft

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