Thursday, May 29

Tour de Virginia: Charlottesville

Our other big stop in Virginia was Charlottesville--home of two of my dearest high school pals and their families. Carrie's family lives at a boys' boarding school--so my big boys were able to be outdoors-y and fish and canoe and get kind of messy.

 photo 140510-9559_zps2a187137.jpg

We caught a few fish (that got quickly tossed back) and the boys got to hold Edmund's pet turtle--Boinkie. A good turtle name.

 photo 140510-9574_zpsb074d811.jpg

Keaton loved Miss Carrie! He was pretty friendly about letting her hold him, which isn't always the case (see: getting kicked out of the church nursery every week.)

 photo 140510-9571_zps64f4e4ca.jpg

Of course we tried to get a picture of all our kids--and that went about as well as you'd expect. They are all on the couch and you can see most of their faces... so that's something.

 photo 140510-9629_zps9fa7c55a.jpg

I really really loves these pictures. Braden was super excited, as you can tell. Piper is pretty much a sweet baby girl and does what she's supposed to do. And Edmund and Finley are knuckleheads. They had so much fun together. Sweet sweet kids!

 photo 140510-9671_zpsf7c1fdb1.jpg


  1. glad someone is blogging around here this week. good thing Keaton will go to school a little bit next year since he loves you so much!

  2. Edmund looks HUGE in the couch pic. He's probably going to grow up to be REALLY good at selfies.

    1. He IS huge! Yes, selfie arms are a very good genetic trait to pass on!

  3. Rachel - missing one name - Edmund's little brother?


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