Friday, May 30

We're moving on. Literally.

Guess what?

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We're moving again! To Texas!

Yes, we did just move to Pennsylvania (it's been about one year and two weeks.)

Yes, we knew we'd only be here a little bit.

We listed our house yesterday and are hoping to sell it really quickly. Trying to show the house with the boys and dog here will be... tricky. Sol, Keaton and I went to Beaumont on my birthday (lamest present everrrr) and found lots of awesome houses--things are very cheap and new there (compared to here.) Everything was lovely and we're looking forward to making an offer soon.

Beaumont is little. It's also the setting for Footloose and the home of Jason's Deli. There's no J. Crew. There's no Wegman's or Trader Joe's or Whole Foods. But! There are several Sonics. I've miiiiiissed Sonic. Also, it's summer there 80% of the year, so that's something. Finley is excited--he periodically checks to see what we're bringing with us. Today he asked me if our TV was coming--like I could live with out our TV. HA!

I'm beginning to embrace Beaumont--since I don't have much choice, I might as well try to be sunny about it. I can hardly think about what it will actually be like to leave the East Coast. We've called Boston, DC and Philly home since we were married and we love it here. I have a heavy case of nostalgia--and have to constantly remind myself that as our family changes into being more kid focused and less "let's go to hip restaurants!" focused, places like Beaumont are more and more appealing. I'm sure we'll love it and be sad when we leave--just like we're sad to leave the places and people we've loved here for almost a decade.


  1. If we know one thing from your time on the East Coast, you really only need ONE hip restaurant to make it. Giacomo's. Founding Farmers. Harvest. As long as Beaumont has ONE, you'll be good to go. Also, I didn't know you were moving!

    1. IT's totally true--I'm a creature of habit. I went to a great lunch spot and we had good sushi too... I don't know how I kept forgetting to tell you about the move. Sorry?

  2. Texas is a fun place. Congrats on the new adventure!

    And Vic: that last sentence has to be a lie.

  3. All I can think of is closer to home. Your parents must be thrilled to be within a drive of their darling grandkids! Good luck with the move!!!!

  4. texas is just like the east coast except that it's sort of the opposite.
    you'll do great there, like you always do wherever you go. :)

  5. I like how you spin the idea that it is summer 80% of the year! HOT!! I am sure you will sell your house soon, and make your mark on Beaumont. Not too far from Houston or New Orleans!


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