Wednesday, June 11

Last Day of Preschool

No joke, when I tried to open up the blog to write this post I got an error message. And then I was nervous the blog got shut down because I hadn't written in awhile... and then it worked. Sigh of relief.  We've been busy traveling and trying to tie up loose ends here in preparation of our big move to Texas. I have a bunch of posts to write--so we'll start with an important one--the last day of school!
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Braden... did not love school. He did pretty well the first half of the year, but after we had a million snow days in January and February, he pretty much lost it and had to be taken from me crying every day. He bucked up pretty quickly once he settled in, and always was happy to see me when I picked him up. He predictably would say in his cheerful, sweet voice, "Hi Mama!" every time I came to get him. He was a stinker about following any directions they gave him--he reluctantly would wear his backpack until I showed up, then he'd give it to me. Baby beats to his own drum. I only got one picture of him on the last day because he is a stinker. He'll be going to two day preschool again next year--we're hoping he's a bit more cooperative and perhaps learns a few letters besides Q. #dreambig

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This is more his style anyways. Watching TV in his undies on the couch.

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Unfortunately, my printer was out of ink, so we don't have a fancy last day of school sign. #pinterestmomfail I can't even handle how big he is now. I miss his long swoopy baby hair, but I love how old the short hair makes him look!

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Finley LOVED school. He loved it. He's driving me slightly nuts--I don't think I appreciated how much they wore him out at school every day. Buddy wants to talk about everything and do all the things all the time. When I told him that he'd be going to kindergarten next year for 7 hours instead of 3 hours he said--"MOM!!! I'm going to learn SO MUCH about Jesus!" and my little heart couldn't take it. I tried to let him down gently--that he was going to learn lots about math and science and reading--but this school wasn't in a church. And then he went on wondering if they had a bible and making a plan for how he'd bring a bible in... it was darling. I'm so so grateful that his teachers fostered a love for learning about the bible and Jesus in him. We really lucked out.

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Finley wanted to take TWO pictures with each of his teachers--that way he could keep one and we could send one to them. He's still a bit confused about jpegs, clearly. I teased him after these two were taken--he NEVER smiles so nicely for me, and he took pretty good pictures with his teachers! He really loved Mrs. Gibson and Mrs. Munch and has already asked if he can write them letters next year. It was such a great year for him--we're excited to see what Kindergarten has in store!

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  1. I seriously teared up reading his excitement about wanting to learn more about Jesus and bring his Bible in. That says a lot about you and Sol too! These cuties are adorable. Shannon will be home with me one more year but then will do preK at 4 and I know I'm going to be a wreck but it will be so good for her! Plus I'm excited to do public school because seriously not a lot of people in our circle do. Homeschooling is BIG out here. But what a way we can be salt and light just like Finley will be!

  2. Sounds like you did the best thing for him by waiting until he was older for preschool. He really loved and appreciated it!


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