Friday, June 13

The Office in Pennsylvania

Sunday's the big (anti-climactic) day. We'll all be boarding a plane to Little Rock to stay for a few weeks while we're in between house closings. Sol will come back a week later to supervise the packing and loading of our house so it feels a bit weird to walk away from our fully furnished house and not be there to say good bye to it when it's empty. I almost feel like I'm forcing a sense of nostalgia about this place--we've only been a year and it seems like its been a blur. Many sleepless nights with a new baby--a strange ever changing schedule for Sol--I can't believe it's been a full year! We did manage to get ourselves settled pretty quickly and I figured I should share my favorite room before I don't have it anymore--my office!

 photo DonnaBond3228GreystoneDr-0101-2411_zpsd74646de.jpg

I did a little photoshoot in the office when it was at its very cleanest--and then a few days later the professional photographer came with a much wider lens--I thought I'd include those so you can get a better idea of the shape of the room! (The two above are his. The rest are mine.)

 photo 140513-9800_zps50334220.jpg

The desk is one of my favorite items ever. We're avid Craiglisters and this was one of our best finds. It was free on the side of the road in Boston--and I wanted it for the new house we were closing on in a few days. So we took it over to the new house in two trips and stashed it under the porch since it was vacant! It was regular wood colored and I painted it yellow over many days while 9 months pregnant. And I love it. We're not totally sure it will fit in the new office... fingers crossed.

 photo 140513-9788_zps3d16339e.jpg

It was so nice to have my own space with a door in the house. I didn't have to pack up projects every time the boys would be around again. I just closed the door. Magic. My sewing machine and the Silhouette were always out and ready to go. And the 25 cubby Expedit was my best friend. See that top right cubby? That one is for Sol. I got the other 24.

 photo 140513-9795_zpse2b3f239.jpg

The room had great light and was just lovely. I was obsessed with the bright rug and basically planned everything else around it. The purple chair, the yellow desk and the felt bunting. It made me happy. Also the massive desktop Mac makes me happy every minute I'm sitting in front of it. I don't know how I functioned on a laptop for so long!

 photo 140513-9799_zps11993a07.jpg

These LePens are also awesome--but I'm including these pictures because I love the lens they were taken on. When the professional photographer came over to shoot our house for the listing he let me play with his 100mm lens and I was in love. If anyone wants to get me one for a house warming present, I won't complain.

 photo 140514-9818_zps9ccd5666.jpg


  1. I definitely need a room with a door that I can shut on projects. And a laundry room. But that's a different story.

  2. I looked for a while today for the video of Braden eating broccoli because I wanted to show Kip with no luck. Also, I love this office. RV reborn here!


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