Friday, July 18

Hot Springs Village

The day after the Fourth of July (commonly known as the Fifth of July) we took a day trip to Hot Springs Village--a retirement community an hour away where my parents are members. Yep, you heard me right. They bought a little plot of land so that they could be members and get cheap golf. And also--fun times at the lake.

 photo Print-1111-2.jpg

My parents and brother were excited to try paddleboarding--how cool do they look? Very cool. I think my mom would be sad if I didn't point out that the paddleboard instructor said that my parents did a better job than Dan and his girlfriend. I'm not sure how you judge paddleboarding--but my mom and dad WON.

 photo Print-1146-2.jpg

Keaton loved everything--floating with Grandpa, sitting in the tent, not taking a nap... he loved it all. Have I mentioned that he's an absolute joy? He is. I did a lousy job of taking pictures of stuff, which is kind of the theme of my life lately--its hard to get the camera out while trying to supervise three kiddos. But Braden was there too, even if he didn't get photographed. Sorry B.

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