Friday, August 1

Things I Will Eventually Blog About

Well, hey there! I thought it was time to pop over and clear out some of the cobwebs and watch the tumbleweeds go by... I have no real pictures to go with this post because, well, we've been busy. We're pretty much moved in--there's even stuff on the walls thanks to my dear friends, Megan and Courtney, coming to help get house set up.

I feel like there are so many things to update on, I'll just do a little brain dump and preview of what will eventually get blogged about. And because I haven't taken any real pictures lately... we'll use some GIFs.

Keaton turned ONE!!! True to third child form, he's nine days into being one and has yet to have a party or celebration. Granted, he was diagnosed with an ear infection and Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease the day after his birthday and we're still recovering from that. There WILL BE a celebration. Maybe next week. Also--some day I will blog month 10 and 11 for that poor poor child. If he ever doubts my love and commitment to him, he can reference the literal ONE THOUSAND times I've gotten up with him in the middle of the night. One perk of his multitude of illnesses? He slept through the night because his mouth hurt too much to eat. Yep, second time ever. Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion of this GIF: what will happen in month TWELVE???

We moved into our house. It's in Beaumont, TX, not to be confused with Bomont, GA, setting of Footloose. You are allowed to dance here. It's very hot and full of critters. I've caught a lizard in the bathroom, had Courtney dispose of a cockroach, seen lots of frogs on the porch and seen a LOT of dead animals out on my runs. Also, cows. But basically--it's hot.

I've been running, and also Barre-ing. I'm registered for Marathon #9, the NYC Marathon, in November. You know what's perfect? Marathon training in July in Texas!!! Actually, it's the worst. I literally can not leave the house early enough for it to be cool. While in Little Rock, I did Pure Barre for a month and I loooooooved it. Such a fantastic workout and so great for runners. Obsessed and in withdrawal. I'm still trying to do some Barre online and considering going to a class at the gym... but mostly, I run.

I leave tomorrow for Vic's Bachelorette Bash in Kansas--and am excited to spend THIRTY HOURS away from my children. Sol would appreciate prayers. It's going to be amazing.


  1. I watched the GIF a lot of times. I feel like in the 8th photo Keaton is really embracing his strong core with a good tuck and neutral spine.

    And are you serious about Footloose being in GA? I really thought it was Texas.

    1. You're weird, Vic.

      I still can't walk right after Wednesday's class.

  2. the gif's were a gift!
    get it?
    i would enjoy a home tour at your leisure. (pronounced leh-zure).
    also, vic getting married!! I'm so excited about it.


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