Tuesday, August 12

Keaton Grows Up

Well I couldn't commit to one way to do monthly photo pictures--so I did two. And of those two, I used two pictures also. Sooo... lots of progressive pictures through the last year.

 photo 130802-0012.jpg

The eleven month picture never happened because we were living at my parents--but I snuck in a zero picture so there would still be 12. Can you even handle how skinny he was and then how he was chubby for like 15 minutes and is skinny again? Oh baby.

 photo 130802-9999.jpg

The hardest part of these projects is keeping track of your photos--after I went through them every month I'd immediately pull out the four I wanted to use at the end of the year and put them in a special folder. I feel like my ability to pick the best picture was better when I wasn't having to look through 12 months of photos!

 photo 130822-0530.jpg

These pictures make me really miss the Pennsylvania house--it had a huge two story family room with lots of windows and great light--the last pictures are kind of shadowy, which isn't bad... they just don't match the lighting on the others. I worked super hard to try and keep the white balance consistent and am not too disappointed with how they turned out! 

 photo 130806-0231.jpg

What a gift these pictures are now! I love watching his hair get a little bit longer and seeing the same facial expressions he makes now over the past year. The calendar ones were a CHALLENGE at the end of the year, but we did it with some help from Sol. He's just such a JOY. Such a smiley, sweet guy. We're so so happy he's here with us. (Well, Braden is still not sure, but I'm confident he'll come around.)


  1. my vote can count if Braden won't come around. Keaton can stay!!!

  2. Cutie!

    I feel you on the calendar pics getting harder. After their 8 month ones I told Aaron I can't do them solo any more. It killed me!

  3. I thought you had 3 kids. All I see is Keaton...

  4. Precious. So precious. I love that face in the middle of the calendar shots!


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