Friday, August 22

Keaton's First Birthday Party

Like his brothers before him, Keaton up and turned one.

 photo 140821-1512.jpg

I agonized about what to do for this poor kid--we moved into our new house four days before his birthday. I wasn't sure how to throw together a party for him--and finally managed to put one together almost a month after the fact. He was sad and mopey on his actual birthday--turns out he had an ear infection AND hand, foot and mouth disease. He was beyond miserable. We all went out for ice cream on his birthday and he wouldn't even eat it. It was pathetic. Since recovering he's gotten two molars--and I'm praying those next two show up soon so we can be back to sweet happy baby all the time!

 photo 140817-1447.jpg

For a kid who hasn't really embraced FOOD yet, he seemed to enjoy his cupcake! At least the icing, anyways. You can also see his new sweet necklace in this picture--it may or may not be helping with teething... but I'm not going to risk taking it off. Even though he was mistaken for a girl TWICE yesterday. Whoops?

 photo 140817-1422.jpg

I put together a quick party for him--mainly so he couldn't hold it against me when he was big that he didn't get a first birthday... and also because I can't say no to a party. The theme was "You are my sunshine" because he is. He's definitely my little sunshine. True story: when I was in the hospital after having him, I got an email asking for a party in this theme, so I designed it while in the hospital. I felt like it was fitting to use it for him a year later!

 photo 140817-1386.jpg

It was a quick and easy party that was a great way to celebrate a year (and a bonus month!) with this sweet boy. I bought a few cupcakes and decorations and printed a few things of my own--and threw it all together in the dining room while Sol took the boys to the park. First birthdays are so special--yes, the baby has no idea what's going on... but a year of loving a little person is worth celebrating. So we celebrated our sweetest, littlest guy. Next year, baby, we're going all out. Promise.


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  2. I think this was the perfect way to celebrate your little guy.

  3. May you live to be a hundred years, find more
    with one extra year to repent. Happy Birthday!


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