Friday, August 29


Yes, I think I'm very clever.

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Finley started kindergarten this week. I was a mix of emotions leading up to it--excited because I knew he'd love it, relieved to have less kids in the house some of the day, sentimental that my baaaaaaby is big enough for kindergarten and nervous about him being in a new place for 7 hours a day. Would the kids be nice to him? Would he be nice to them? Will he make pals? Will he be able to sit quietly?

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Things didn't go quite as planned--he woke up Monday complaining of stomach pain... and then went ahead and puked to seal the deal. So we stayed home Monday and made our triumphant entrance Tuesday. Finley likes to tell evvvveryone that his first day was everyone else's second day. It was probably good for me we waited a day--the emotions were less high and it was a bit anticlimactic dropping him off. Although it means Sol missed his first day--he was out of town for a conference. Finley's a pro--he wasn't anxious at all and didn't care one bit that I was leaving him there. He was excited about the school supplies at his seat and the cool things in his room.

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I was expecting him to come home exhausted--but so far he's come home CHATTY. I think he has to sit quietly a lot and his little brain had a lot to dump when he got home. So far, he's gotten in a bit of trouble for sitting upside down in his chair (YEP) and kneeling at lunch instead of sitting. He's such a wiggly fellow--we're having to work hard to get him to sit still! I think he's struggling a bit at lunch--he says it's LOUD and likes to talk about the special stoplight they have that helps kids know when to quiet down. I'm praying he's challenged and learns a lot this year. It's quite a change from preschool! I'm planning on volunteering about as much as they'll let me when the little guys are in preschool (which starts Tuesday! Sweet freedom!)

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We are SO PROUD of this guy. He's grown so much from last year and is such a joy to be around--even when he's talking our ear off.


  1. I'm so proud of Finn, but more of you. Stay calm, friend.

  2. So cute! He looks so big!! Glad he had a great first (second) day! :) And I would totally trade his chattiness for Caleb's resistance to tell me anything about his day!


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