Monday, September 1

Keaton at ONE

Is this officially the latest post about a kid turning a year old? Yep, it probably is. Here's the important details...

Height: 28.25"
Weight: 19 lbs 4 oz
Head: 46 cm

 photo 140801-1214.jpg

If you can believe it, he's even smaller than Finley at 1. My little peanut.  He's still a stinker about eating and sleeping. He loves to nurse and will feed himself some foods (carbs are his jam) and pouches of pureed stuff. I've approached feeding all three boys very differently--it's so crazy to see how different they are! He's still waking up once at night and I'm trying REALLY hard not to feed him. Some nights have a couple hours of crying around 1--some nights he goes right back to sleep after I cuddle him for a minute. And some nights I'm tired and I cave.

 photo 140801-1229.jpg

He's serious about his crawling--and will finally walk around holding our fingers. He's not standing on his own for more than a second or two yet, but it all changes so fast, I'm sure he'll be chasing the big boys before they know what hit them. He pulls up well and will cruise around like crazy.

 photo 140801-1202.jpg

Keaton loves Finley and Braden the most and just wants to be around them. Finley still is friendly towards him--occasionally hamming it up when Keaton is laughing at him. Braden... still not Keaton's biggest fan. Basically, whenever Keaton gets near him Braden asks me to "take care of Keaton."

 photo 140810-1345.jpg

He seems to forget his tricks as quickly as he learns them--at points he's been able to wave and do SO BIG... but he's not so interested now. He says dada and that's about it. I'm still waiting on that elusive MAMA. Make no mistake, I'm his fave. We're working really hard to manage the separation anxiety so he can be a little more pleasant at preschool/gym/BSF/church... and I think we're making strides. Hopefully Tuesday goes well!

 photo 140810-1363.jpg

Love you little boy!


  1. I want him. I love him. Please have Sol convince Cory we need another.

  2. Dave and I can see the shadow of wings on Keaton's shoulder in the large bottom picture.

  3. Such a cutie. Jona is jealous of Keaton's cruising & crawling skills; he's still scooting around like a maniac. And no mama yet around here either...dada and doggie and even thank you (ish) but no mama!! one of these days...

    1. Braden was still scooting at one! Silly boys.


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