Monday, September 8

Braden and Keaton in Preschool

Braden and Keaton are BOTH going to preschool two days a week this year--do you know what that means??? It means freedom. Four sweet hours, twice a week where I can run, grocery shop, clean... and be in silence. Ahhhh...

 photo 140902-1564.jpg

Braden did not love preschool last year. He cried about it every day (and got over it within minutes.) His teacher this year is SO sweet and I think he really likes it--he willingly went on Thursday and asked to go back Friday! Such a huge victory for this kid. He loves his new backpack that's "just like Finn's."

 photo 140902-1579.jpg

Best thing about Texas? Preschool for one year olds!!! Keaton disagrees, but he really doesn't get a vote. He's got serious separation anxiety--I had to pick him early Tuesday and we're going to try slightly shorter days this week to ease him in a little. He's just in love with me. And who can blame him?? Our typical week will have two days of gym childcare, two days of preschool, a day a BSF and church nursery--so he will hopefully learn to love playing with other nice ladies soon!

 photo 140902-1601.jpg

Um, does this backpack just kill you? It's monstrous on him, but I couldn't resist taking a picture of him in it. I want to kiss him all the time.

 photo 140902-1643.jpg

Sol took some awesome pictures of me pretending Keaton is baby Simba and that I'm Rafiki. It's a normal game to play with your baby.

 photo 140902-1687.jpg

Just a quick family picture so that we can remember that we all exist in the same place and time occasionally. Happy school starting!

 photo 140902-1635.jpg


  1. Classic Scott family photo. 3 out of 5 ain't bad - Finn's doing a great job!

  2. Maybe you can explain that even when I'm five minutes early for pick up, I'm still one of the last moms. Do these other women hate showers, guilt-free interneting in peace, and grocery shopping solo (not hot wheels or stow away junk food in the cart!)? They must. If preschool had a fan club I'd be prez!

  3. Seriously -- the first day, did you rush through your to do list, or did you just sit in silence for awhile???

    1. Oh I rushed--I was sure they were going to call any minute for me to come get K! The sitting in silence is on the horizon...

  4. SERIOUSLY!!! Who are these moms that are like ten minutes early? I was appalled at how many kids were already gone when I showed up ON TIME.


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