Tuesday, September 30

The Most Epic Party I'll Ever be a Part Of

Vic and I are both weirdly slow about posting about her shower from a few weeks ago--so I thought I'd go ahead and start the sharing. I'll eventually put up more detail shots on the RV blog--but for now, here are a few of my favorites!

 photo 113.jpg

The theme of the shower was black and white stripes and rainbow confetti and GOLD--or basically, things we like. We held it in the Anecdotally Yours studio and it was perfect. Erica and Jeff are angels sent from heaven and were so accommodating. I made the guest of honor iron my skirt, as is the bridal shower tradition, which means I was wearing running clothes when she arrived...whoops! Erica teased me as she was shooting our details--I made her stop so I could move a pitcher a fraction of an inch, which didn't seem ridiculous until she pointed it out.

 photo 122.jpg

Vic's dress was amazing and if something happens to her wedding dress, I'm pretty sure she could rewear this one and look just about as fabulous. I loved it. As you can see, the theme was kind of just AWESOME THINGS. I tried to reassure guests that really, this is the pinnacle of the party planning mountain for me. Never will I have another excuse to plan such a ridiculous party. Well, I guess until Vic's baby shower... which will have to be epic-er. Vic has thrown more parties than you'd believe--so her friends are all chomping at the bit to give back and celebrate her!

 photo 82.jpg

I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures of the actual shower festivities--which is probably a good thing. It means we were all busy having fun. Or in my case, trying to eat as much cheese as I could fit in my mouth. I was so glad Kat got to drive in and bring her cute baby boy for the party! And Abbey and Tara were my amazing co-hostesses, who totally let me run amok and reserved (most!) of their judgment regarding some of my more crazy ideas.

 photo 140913-1801-2.jpg

I can't even begin to express how excited I am for #kiptoria and how much I'm looking forward to celebrating with them on November 29th. I'm so blessed to be along for the ride!


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