Monday, February 23

Finley's Lego Collection

We dove into the world of Legos about a year ago... and its been a quick descent in the absolute depths of Lego mania. We have more Legos than I ever wanted Finley to have--and they are his main motivator to do just about anything. They are his reward for anything we need him to do. Which has become kind of an expensive form of bribery, as he's pretty good about getting himself to do anything when Legos are on the line. I told him he could have a Lego set when he could buckle himself into his car seat--and he figured it out pretty quickly once Legos were promised!

 photo 20150219-Finley and Braden Legos-23.jpg

Finley and Braden are sharing a room now, and there's a little nook that's the perfect size for a Lego center. I made him a Lego table to (attempt) to keep him organized and hung up some Lego Movie prints I whipped up in Photoshop. I saw a bunch of cool tables on Pinterest and put this one together from an IKEA toy storage shelf and one of their countertops. Then we just glued some Lego plates on top. The Legos have also managed to take over the window seat as well. I seriously considered setting up a second table for him... but he doesn't need the storage, just the surface area. The storage bins are basically empty because I'm not sure he's EVER put a piece away. I'll sit down every so often and sort the miscellaneous he's pulled off... but its kind of a lost cause, which kills my Type A heart a bit every time.

 photo 20150219-Finley and Braden Legos-69.jpg

He loves playing with them so much--and I love to watch him build his own little creations and also be able to follow the directions. I'm glad he loves something that's (somewhat) educational. Braden and Keaton are both relatively good around them--Braden likes to play with them and rarely breaks them. And Keaton... well I don't think he's swallowed any, but we can't be sure. Braden's current favorite are the little Doctor Who set--which Finley will be quick to tell you, isn't actually Lego brand. But exciting news--Lego is coming out with a Doctor Who set later this year. It was really cute to watch him fly the little TARDIS around with Matt Smith and Amy!

 photo 20150219-Finley and Braden Legos-41.jpg

So Legos. So fun and also, so painful... on the feet and on the pocketbook.


  1. I'm pretty sure Legos are educational, right? I mean, we played with legos and we turned out well.

  2. Pretty awesome set up in the boys' room. I am jealous.

  3. My favorite parenting trick is to figure out whatever my kids love the most and use it for the parental upper hand. "What's that? You like Minecraft? Mwah ha ha ha ha ha! I hold the ultimate power!!!"


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