Thursday, March 26

Baby Numero Cuatro

New baby coming... September 2015!

Everyone's excited for the new baby (except KJ--he's clueless and cute)! I've felt fantastic--to the point where I was really nervous something was wrong since there was very little morning sickness or tiredness. A few weeks where I felt less than great, but really nothing I can complain about. I've been able to keep running--I was trying to get in a few 6-7 mile runs a week but have cut down the mileage a bit due to some knee pain.

We're strongly considering NOT finding out whether this one is a boy or a girl... we found out with everybody else (they are all boys) and even though it drives me NUTS when people don't find out, I think we may hold out. Just in case it is a little lady--I think the extra few months of not knowing will really help our bank account.

And speaking of--just so it's on the record--I really love my boys and would be thrilled to have another boy. They are great. I'd also be thrilled to have a girl. What I REALLY want is a chubby baby. I love these little sacks of bones, but I'll tell you what, chubby babies are cute and soft. Mine are all elbow-y and bony. Sol is worried about what will happen in 20 years if we don't have a girl... but I'm planning on being the world's best mom so that the boys will call me every day and be completely dependent on me. #healthyrelationships

Here's a longish video of me telling the big boys about the baby. Braden was surprisingly excited and also couldn't keep his hands out of my shirt trying to find the baby. Not how it works, bud.


  1. Congratulations, Rachel! You will have "lots of action" around your house!

  2. Woo hoo, congratulations!! Ooh man good luck if you do try to wait to find out. I think that would be awesome, but really really hard. Anyway, that's so exciting!

  3. It really is SO exciting. How are those weekly pregnancy blog posts coming? JUST KIDDING. Though I'm pretty pleased with your blog volume this week!

  4. 1:16 "If there's a red dot in the upper right corner, it means its recording, right?" -- ummmm, what if the answer was no, Sol? EVERYONE JUST BE COOL AND PRETEND LIKE YOU DIDN'T HEAR WHAT MOM JUST SAID!

  5. If I remember right, your babies are actually pretty "chubby" until about 6 months, when they get elbow-y and bony. So -- 6 months of pillow-y baby coming your way!


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