Wednesday, March 25

Houston Rodeo

We met our friends, the Greens, at the Houston Rodeo last weekend.  It was the perfect excuse for Sol and I to wear cowboy boots! We love spending time with the Greens--our kids match up just about perfectly in ages. They had a great time learning about milking cows, seeing lots of rabbits, petting many animals (deer and wallabies!) and seeing some newborn animals. It was cute and gross.

 photo 20150321-Houston Rodeo Greens-7.jpg

You'd think we'd be pros at taking our children to large events like this since we are Disney vets--but they were all varying levels of sick and we all got soaked as we left... meaning there were many crying, pantsless boys in the car on the way home. But I truly believe the more crying there is at the end of an event, the more of a success it was. Which means we had TONS of fun.

 photo 20150321-Houston Rodeo Greens-10.jpg

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