Thursday, July 16

Breakfast at Willy Burger

I mentioned int he previous post about eating in Austin--that after spending two weekends eating fun food in Austin, Sol forgot we lived in Beaumont and wanted to go get fun, hip stuff for breakfast. Willy Burger was about as good as we could do.

 photo 20150613-June Beaumont-35.jpg

We've been to Willy Burger a few times for lunch and dinner and we really enjoy it--they have great burgers and fries and a cute atmosphere. We barely made in time for breakfast--and I'm so glad we did! It was delicious. The boys and I loved our pancakes and Sol's breakfast sandwich was great. And they had chocolate milk.

 photo 20150613-June Beaumont-14.jpg

For the sake of the blog, I've been making a sincere attempt to take more pictures and post them even if they aren't perfect... it's tough to find time to pick up the camera with as many boys as are whizzing past me all the time, but they love looking back at all our memories and they aren't too discerning about white balance and stuff. So imperfect pictures it is. :) We have so much fun taking them places and enjoying time together--and fielding the inevitable questions about what kind of baby is in my belly. Spoiler alert: we still don't know.

 photo 20150613-June Beaumont-67.jpg

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  1. They are just darling. Also, I think the breakfast sandwich is an underrated morning option. It's become my go-to lately!


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