Wednesday, September 9

First Days of School

We postponed all the first day of school photoshoots to today since all the boys started technically on different days. It was supposed to be my ONLY day for the forseeable future with all my kids in school--but Braden puked at lunch yesterday and had to stay home today. Sigh.

 photo 20150909-First Day of School-69.jpg

Luckily, my mama is in town waiting to for the baby to arrive and could take a family picture of us. Our last as a family of 5! (Also, cool boots Sol, right?)

 photo 20150909-First Day of School-2.jpg

Finley has been loving Veritas. He has a massive Star Wars rolling backpack and wears a cute little uniform everyday. He pretty much indiscriminately loves everything, so its no surprise to us that he's embraced his new setting.

 photo 20150909-First Day of School-20.jpg

His school is a "university schedule" which means he's on campus Monday and Wednesday and homeschooled Tuesday and Thursday. And I use the term homeschooled loosely--my friend/hero Lauren is doing the homeschooling portion with her son Carter and Finley together. They are loving it.

 photo 20150909-First Day of School-40.jpg

Finley's teacher is great and had us come in the second week of school for a conference on how to challenge him more--he's a smart little cookie. We're adding some things to his home days (piano, Spanish, extra memorization, more challenging math...) to keep him and his pal Carter busy! Also, he has ridiculous teeth and has a hard time smiling normally.

 photo 20150909-First Day of School-46.jpg

Not Braden though! Do you see these sweet smiles?? I die every time. I want to get all my clothes screen printed with his sweet face.

 photo 20150909-First Day of School-84.jpg

His first day was yesterday and he was very excited (we're going to be late!) and really cool about the whole thing. He wasn't nervous or anxious about the new class--he didn't even hug me goodbye. So much for our special parting moment.

 photo 20150909-First Day of School-102.jpg

I'm so proud of how much he's grown--we've had plenty of days where I have to haul him in crying and arguing about school, so for him to walk in willingly and happily is such an answered prayer. He'll be going to school five days a week, and we're excited to see how much he learns and grows!

 photo 20150909-First Day of School-115.jpg

Keaton is going to school three days a week and was SO EXCITED when he saw us get out his backpack and he figured out he was getting to go to school! I was worried he'd be sad about not having his teachers from last year, but he too was unphased. He walked in, sat down and played with blocks like a pro.

 photo 20150909-First Day of School-138.jpg

I love that the backpack is just about as big as him! He's such a peanut. I'm excited for him to be around more kids his age and hopefully increase his vocabulary and ability to share as the year goes on!

 photo 20150909-First Day of School-141.jpg

And with that--we've checked the first day of school off for everyone! I cried no tears and neither did any children. Success! I'm off to see Taylor Swift in Houston tonight and to the hospital in the morning bright and early to meet our newest little child! #neverenoughbabies


  1. Overall, and in general, I think the boys are getting really good at looking at the camera. And darling as EVER. Killing me.

  2. Can't get enough of those sweet boys! Love the pictures Rachel. Excited to meet my new niece or nephew soon! xoxo

  3. What kind of camera do you shoot with? These photos look completely professional! :)

    1. I have a Canon 60D--although you can do a really great job with any DSLR if you can learn how to shoot off auto!

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