Saturday, April 16

Disney || Many Russell Costumes from UP


 photo 20160226-Disney-2.jpg

How many more trips do I have where these guys will all willingly dress up as Russell? It can't be too many more... . The Russell costumes are so fun at Animal Kingdom... mostly because Animal Kingdom is not very fun and the costumes are all that make it enjoyable (for me anyways).

 photo 20160226-Disney-15-2.jpg

Ugh, they are all just so cute.

 photo 20160226-Disney-23.jpg

It was super fun to have a baby girl to dress up (shocking, right?) I didn't think she'd be able to wear a sash like the boys, so I printed fabric and made it into a headband and leggings for her. And she was so cute (again, shocking, right?)

 photo 20160226-Disney-43.jpg

This is the reason my boys love Animal Kingdom: completing all the activities in the little Wilderness Explorer books. And the cast members are so sweet and fuss over their little outfits, making them (and their mama) feel super cool.

 photo 20160226-Disney-112.jpg

Aren't they dolls?

 photo 20160226-Disney-125.jpg

Uncooperative dolls... but dolls.

 photo 20160226-Disney-152.jpg

When Keaton smiles I basically want to give him anything he could possibly want. This girl too. I'm a terrible mother.

 photo 20160226-Disney-159.jpg

They are all such sweet little explorers. Assuming I have another year of Up costumes... we may go all out with a Kevin outfit for Merritt next year.

 photo 20160226-Disney-177.jpg

The last picture is terribly out of focus, but I'm in it, and that makes it a keeper.

 photo 20160226-Disney-211.jpg

And I think that's it! See you real soon, Disney.


  1. Love your recent Disney pics!! We love the People Mover and think Animal Kingdom isn't all that fun, too. I have the bug big time right now to get another trip planned! Hoping for next February.


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